Thursday, December 22, 2005

Were there REALLY 22 days in this month ALREADY???

Where did this month go?? I only realized last week that Christmas had crept up on me at a ridiculously fast rate. Presents, what presents?! Deadline for posting things overseas, ages away surely??!! Apparantly not!

Now its less than three days away and I'm e-mailing cards. I miss envelopes. I miss shopping where there aren't crowds. I miss being able to drive around a car park just the one time before I find a space. I miss shops without queues. But please, please, please tell me how did I manage to miss the first 22 days of this month????

I'm entirely going to blame being locked away in the writing cave so much this last couple of months. I set myself some heavy targets when I decided to go Full Time at this and so far, (ssshhh don't tell!), so good. Ideas seem to be gathering at my door like people camping out to see Elton John's wedding, which is great 'cos I worried a lot that I would dry up story wise. Form an orderly queue I say. I have a truly amazing new editor whose feet I may have to staple to the office floor to get her to stay (I've had a few ed's now - NOT my fault they disappeared I might add...)and I have peace and quiet to get some work done. Pretty much. But while all these stuff has been going on Christmas almost passed me by!

So can anyone possibly speak to tptb and get them to give me an extra couple of weeks?


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