Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Pink Heart-ers The Third

Arguments for the defense: Part Three.

Classical Literature aka: Romance that its socially acceptable for us to let people know we read... …

A good friend of mine and fellow Pink Heart-er (hello Donna!) brought to my attention an interesting article at http://www.E:\Romance Novels Get Bad Rep.htm and it makes some very valid points!

The main one which caught my eye (and there were a few) being the subject of books that are accepted amongst the literary society and those that arent (i.e. Short/contemporary romances). Those include works by Jane Austin, but then we all knew those were romances didnt we? The Bronte sisters, yes, also a given. But there are romances all over the place in classic literature unless my interpretation and my love of romance reading have been leading me astray. Thomas Hardy, William Shakespeare, add as many in here as you like and please do! As the song goes,love is all around and theres just no avoiding the fact that whatever else may come and go in society from generation to generation, peoples need for romance endures!

We live in a busy world now, where time is a precious commodity, where women are juggling careers with their families in ways they havent done since the last great war. So the need for a shorter book to still satisfy their need for escapism, to feed their need to believe in great romances has become all the more imcertainly(Well certianly for people like me with disatrous love lives it is!)
Any of the people who are trying year after year to be published in the romance genre will tell you its not as easy as a walk in the park! The books, as the article above states, are about relationships and the trials and tribulations involved in maintaining them. And not only that, they are about how people grow and learn from their experiences of falling in love, about how their past may shape their future and about how there still is the possibility of a happily ever after for everyone. I mean, cmon, what character in a pantomime is going to stand up and say bah to that kind of noble cause and not be thrown off the stage??

I think the thing we need to remember about critics is that by very nature of their title, they are there to poke holes in things. And Id far rather make my way through my life looking for good rather than looking for bad. But maybe thats just me…

So, for the Pink Heart Hall Of Fame… I give you the subject of Classical Literature to support the cause that romance IS valid reading...…


allyblake said...

I'm officially in Trish!

The "Shipper" thing made soooooo much sense to me. It's like it summed up why I do what I do, I just never knew it was done without my even knowing it!

p.s. Do we have a secret handshake?

Trish said...

I think a secret handshake is a brilliant idea! LOL. Any suggestions that won't involve a chiropractor after???