Thursday, February 9, 2006

Valentines for singles....

Here we are in the world’s official month of romance! Lovely. But it can be a weird holiday for us single folk. It’s almost a month of peer pressure when everywhere you look you are reminded that you should be with someone and if you’re not it can feel almost like there’s something wrong that you’re not. Well, poo to that I say!!!

I think that regardless of whether you're single or spoken for that Valentine’s month should be the month you love yourself first. And I don’t mean anything strange by that. What I mean is be good to yourself! Do something for you! Maybe something as simple as a good book that keeps you in your lovely bubble bath until your feet look like five toed prunes or a night with your favorite film or even something as luxurious as a pampering day with a nice massage or a haircut or a manicure. Why should all the people with partners have all the fun???

Now speaking of favorite films, and adding to the new Pink Heart Hall of Fame I’m putting in two new films; The new version of Pride & Prejudice for its simmering passion and sheer romantic ending (and if you have the DVD do go to the bonus section and look at the alternate US ending – not exactly as Austin wrote it but – oh my!!!) and another new one to me; Must Like Dogs – So much humor and a gorgeous Irish family and John Cusack, nuff said…

On the writing front I have given myself a wee week off while my lovely editor is off ski-ing. I find every now and again it’s an idea to do that and I have been pushing myself quite hard since I took this up full time. Two series romances and three quarters of an ST since the end of September isn’t too bad going I don’t think. And I now have about six weeks until the deadline for my next romance which should be enough time… right, er,. Right??? I mean, all I have to do is think of a story and then write it. Okay. Maybe I’ll just stop blogging now and have a bit of a brainstorm…. Inspirational Cabernet anyone??

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