Saturday, March 4, 2006


OKAY - Yes, I have been avoiding writing this evening... So shoot me. I tell ya, there have been times this last couple of weeks when if I'd had a gun I'd have done it myself...
This past week I have learnt that posting a profile on yahoo was a b-a-d idea and I have learnt that the joys of living closer to my neices and nephews are counter-balanced by the germs they bring home from school. Apparantly there are a whole new set of bugs out there I hadn't met yet...
As to how the new book is going - well, I shall waffle my way through that in my next post. But while avoiding the deadline cave my copy of Serenity arrived and having waited so long to see the film I just *had* to take some time off to watch it. It was worth the wait! If you haven't already been initiated into the world of Firefly or Serenity or the passionate wave of Browncoats that helped propel a cancelled TV Series to the big screen then go have a look-see. If I mentioned there was a pretty darn terrific male lead, it might be an added incentive???
And if, like me, you love a good, well-written show... then go to Firefly Series2 and vote for a second series!

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