Friday, March 10, 2006

Quick Katie Update

Just thought I'd update you all on the Katie story. Very briefly...

The Vet was here again today having consulted with a specialist in Dublin. He took photographs and a biopsy to send off and we should know by no later than the end of next week what it is exactly we're dealing with. There are two things it can be. If it *is* definately cancer then there's really nothing more I can do, the decision will be taken out of my hands. 'Cos there's just no way I'll see her suffer.

But there's a small chance it may be sarcoids, which are a particularly virulent form of 'wart-like' growths. If thats what they are then this Dublin specialist has been having a great deal of success with cryo-surgery. Literally freezing them off like you would a wart. She'd have to be boxed down to Dublin but there's no way in hell I wouldn't take her.

So, we should know fairly soon. Thanks again for all your support on this guys; you've been the best!!! And I'll post as soon as I know something...

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allyblake said...

Sending out big uber wishes that it turns out to be sarcoids for Katie, Trish.

Never thought I'd be wishing warts on a person, but I truly am.