Monday, April 10, 2006

And a Heroine worth fighting for

A Hero like Adam needs a special woman to fight for. And so here we have Erin O'Neal, how she looks in my minds eye for Fighting Fate...

Now I know I've talked at length before about casting, and how that special photo can make all the difference when we're creating a character, but in this book it was doubly important that I got it right. With Adam the photo I showed you was perfect on many levels. For starters he just looks, well, you can see how he looks... But he's also in a lakeside setting, which helps for the Flying Boat aspect, and he's wearing a leather jacket that could be an airman's jacket without any great stretch of the imagination. And then there's his expression. That troubled, thoughtful look that hints at the inner turmoil he's going through as he faces the battle ahead of him. Perfect.

With Erin I needed the look of someone very full of life, beautiful in an earthy yet ethereal way. Someone with that certain look in their eye that said hope, that said optimism, that said magic. Yet she had to look very real and almost innocent too. Because Erin is an ordinary woman, just like you and me. She's had challenges to face, losses along the way, has led a life that anyone could have led. She thinks like a modern day woman, is prepared to state her opinion and put up a fight, can dig her heels in when necessary. And yet has had enough modern day life to brush away adolesent dreams of things like true love and fate and happily ever after. So, when she meets the perfect man and falls head over heels, it's hard to believe in something so perfect, to have faith that the real thing is possible. Especially when she meets him not long after she finds out she only has months to live...

It made me ask myself, if I knew I only had a short time left, how would I live it? Would I grab life with both hands and do all the things I'd never got round to or would I take the practical approach, wrap things up neat and tidy before I went? And if I'd waited my whole life for that one person I would know without a single doubt was the man for me... would I want to have that time with him?

These are Erin's dilemma's... along with having to decide what will happen to her daughter after she is gone... I couldn't just pick a simple plot, could I???

Tomorrow I'll drop by and tell you the fears involved with such a huge plot and my first attempt at a longer book like this. I just love the story so completely I have to write it... But then the doubt bunny keeps hopping around my feet telling me that I won't do it justice... Anyone have a good recipe for rabbit stew???


Nicola Marsh said...

Ignore that little bunny! Let him visit this weekend at Easter but after that, he's outta there!
This story has to be written, simple as that.
No doubts :)

Donna Alward said...

Ok I look at that picture but all I can see is the actual PERSON and not your character. Kinda like you are with my current hero, right?

How sad is it that I have a whole new hero in mind and I'm only 1/6th through THIS book before I write another?????

You go girl on the ST. Editorial demands will catch up soon enough.