Thursday, April 27, 2006

New Pink Heart-er and more pics

I am nerdier than 11% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out! Just had to try this when I saw it at Kate Hardy's blog... because I've spent so much time on the net of late that I was beginning to wonder...

Anyhoo... A BIG WELCOME to a new Pink Heart Society member in the shape of new Historical's writer Michelle Styles. Michelle is writing exciting new Roman-era set novels and her first Gladiator's Honour is on my tbr shelf as we speak... It's my treat for when I next get a break... And Michelle has been kind enough to make two nominations for our Hero Database. A woman of excellent taste obviously. If you would like a little pink hear for your blog/website just yell and we'll add your link to the Society's homepage to show that you love category romance as much as we do!!!

So first up from Michelle is James Purefoy who I first saw on the BBC production of Rome where he played a bad guy... But played it very well it has to be said! I can understand Michelle's interest completely! What do you guys think???

And Michelle's other nominee is Christian Bale, recently of the Batman Begins movie, but who first came to my attention playing Laurie in the remake of Little Women. He does have the look of a hero it must be said...

And you know, the guys you see as potential hero role models are but a nomination away...

Sean Patrick Flanery who 'grew up' as the Young Indiana Jones on our TV screens and was, to me, just the most romantic of hero types in an episode of Stargate SG1, where I find several potential hero's each season... And isn't this a lovely pic???

And last but most certainly not least, Matthew Fox of Lost. Which, thank heavens, returns to the screens here next week. Can't wait!!! It's one of those series that just gets under your skin I find. And leaving us with the shaft... well... nuff said!!!

More potential hero's to come and yet more added to the Hero Database page... And I'm off back to my revisions in the cave where my cold has developed into flu. Darn it!


Kate 'Nerd' Hardy said...

LOL on the nerd score. Don't tell my ed about mine - she has a tecchy-radar as it is and I can't sneak tecchy stuff past her.

Can I offer up some heroes for your database?

1. Antonio Banderas (Julie C, stop laughing right now)
2. Keith Urban (who is SUCH a sexgod - inspiration for Matt in my firefighter book)
3. Rufus Sewell
4. David Duchovny (but only in his Mulder role)

If you need links to gorgeous pics, let me know. Otherwise - you're in for a treat...

allyblake said...

I'd add David Duchovny in 'Evolution'. I love that movie!!!

Excellent choices all, Trish. You're beginning to move outside the bounds of my regular hero database as well whch is most helpful.

My nerd score was 7. So you're nerdier than me!!!

Trish said...

Lol Kate - I promise not to tell... and I really don't mind searching for the pics... ;)

Ally - are you sure you TOOK the test??? Don't you get seven for like, opening the page or something...???

And David Duchovny - Oh yes, oh my.

Anonymous said...

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