Sunday, July 30, 2006

Day Full of Mega NEWS!!!!

So much Good News today that I barely know where to start!!!!
First up I'll do the news I've had to hold inside for over a week now. And I don't do secrets or lying well... They try so hard to claw their way out of me!!!
This is my very lovely Critique Partner and good, good friend Donna Alward. And Donna has had one heck of a year! To top it all off she has just sold her first title to the new Romance line - entitled Hired By The Cowboy - It's a May 2007 release and Donna now has the rare accolade that I myself hold, she's the only one of her nationality in the Romance line!!! Great fun! Please do pop over to her Blog and tell her congrats! She's earned it!!!

Anyhow's I met Donna through the eharlequin boards and when she mentioned she had entered a contest I went over and read her excerpt. Mmmm I thought. This gal has something! I'd never had a cp myself, but I offered to critique the entire book for her if she wanted me to and surprisingly enough she did! Hence a working relationship was born... And I have to say I've learned plenty along the way too... But then if you don't learn something new every day then why get up??? Donna made her first two sales to Samhain Publishing this year and it was only a matter of time before she sold to Romance - so I'm chuffed to bits for her!! Very very proud!!! And thrilled to welcome her to the family!!!! Now may have to go have a glass of something sparkly and a Mother hen weepy moment....
And from the newest signing to the line to the Queen of The Line!!!!
The very gorgeous and lovely Liz Fielding has won the RITA award from the Romance Writer's of America for Best Short Contemporary Romance 2005!!!!!!!
For those of you that don't know this is like the Oscar of the writing world and it's a mega mega achievement!!! Liz won with the truly gob-smackingly superb The Marriage Miracle and although she may argue this, I think there were dozens of Writers in the online community and beyond - who never had a doubt that this book was gonna win!!
And d'you know - it couldn't have happened to a nicer person! Liz was one of the first big name authors I met at my first AMBA Lunch in London three years ago come this September. I even sat next to her very gorgeous husband at supper in the lovely Sophie Weston's house that evening. And I have never forgotten how very nice they both were. You've only to *meet* Liz online to get a sense of that. She's very supportive of new writers and the line that we write for, consistantly writes sensational stories that the rest of us get to bask in a reflected glow from within the line and she sets a benchmark that we can all aspire to. And she does this with a grace and modesty that honestly, put's her up into the status of Literary Royalty as far as I'm concerned!
So, pop by Liz's Blog to wish her a huge congratulations and if you haven't already then Read The Book!!! Whether you wanna study writing or you just want a great read... Liz is your gal!
CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Donna Alward said...

Thank you Trish so much!!!! And to post about me with Liz is a wee bit surreal and I'm not sure it's not heresy. LOL Liz is wonderful - the first book I sold to Samhain, she offered to critique the first three chapters. As we speak I'm wearing a necklace she sent me last winter. She deserves every single accolade she gets.

JENNA said...

That is a great picture of Donna :) And you're right. I knew THE MARRIAGE MIRACLE would win. No doubts.

Trish said...

No arguments on the Liz subject from me gals!!! I'm already a convert!

And yeah Jenna - ain't it a nice pic? Scrubs up well that gal....