Wednesday, August 30, 2006

On The Shelf & RT Reviews!

Well... It's officially on the shelf gang! White-Hot! has been spotted in WHSmith's on the mainland by my good friend Natasha Oakley and here at home in Eason's by some of my friends and family. My first Modern Extra... Exciting times!!!

And just to make the day even shinier I got word that my October Silhouette Romance release - O'Reilly's Bride has received a Four and a Half Star rating from Romantic Times Review Magazine which is wonderful - Especially considering this is the famous Pineapple Book... ;) - And you all know how I felt about that book at the time...

And my good friend Natasha Oakley sent me my review from the magazine for The Wedding Surprise which was awarded a Four Star Review!!! They had this to say:

"When her father announces he's about to lose his business and the family home, chef Caitlin Rourke needs a large amount of cash - fast. So she agrees to appear on the reality TV show Fake Fiance, hoping to win the prize. She hits it off with her faux intended, writer Aiden Flynn, but planning a wedding while lying to her family and friends and battling her growing feelings for Aiden - doesn't equal contentment! And then there's the secret Aiden's keeping. Trish Wylie's The Wedding Surprise (4) should amuse fans of reality TV and charm everyone else with its characterisation and often witty dialogue."

A big thanks to Romantic Times for the lovely review and when I get the one for The Pineapple I promise to post it up too so you can see it...


Nicola Marsh said...

Mega congrats on the great reviews, Trish!

And only a few more months till White Hot hits Aussie shores...can't wait!!!

allyblake said...

Great news Trish! I always get a little buzz when I see one of my books on the shelf!

And congrats on the fab reviews. All well deserved!


Michelle Styles said...

Great news!

I did spot it in Tescos in Hexham as well!

congrats on the reviews.

jopee said...

Hi Trish!

I just picked a copy up from my newsagent. The in-laws are coming over for the weekend so I probably wont be able to read all of it but they're running late so I might as well get a head start ;-p Im sure it'll be another wonderful read.

Michelle said...

Hooray on the view! I love your White Hot cover. Very nice. :)