Saturday, September 9, 2006

Pineapple Review As Promised

Well I did promise I would pop in with the Romantic Times review for The Pineapple as soon as I had it. So thanks to my lovely pal Natasha Oakley, here we have it:

WARNING: Spoilers In Review
(So if you don't want a lot of the story given away read no further... Just trust me when I say they liked it...)
Reporter Maggie Sullivan and cameraman Sean O'Reilly are a dynamic team, and their mutual attraction adds spice to their professional relationship. Unable to bear children, Maggie dates single fathers she meets online, hoping to form the family she wants. but that enterprise is doomed once Sean gets involved. Even when Maggie is forced to admit they're more than friends, she won't let Sean in - because despite what he claims, he wants kids. Trish Wylie's O'Reilly's Bride (4.5) is lighthearted and witty, with a wealth of emotion beneath.
Sean may be the perfect man - and, best of all, there's no magical solution to Maggie's infertility.

Cool, huh? And if you kow my feelings on this book and the, erm, *difficulties* I had writing it then I guess it just goes to prove the old writers adage of the tough ones being the ones that turn out the best. That wealth of emotion the reviewer talks about? Pain ladies.... it was the authors *pain*. Trust me...

If you pop by tomorrow sometime I'll be putting up a new poll (if I can get it to work without swearing and throwing the laptop out the large window to my left that is) on some writing workshops we can do together. I have a new Modern Extra due the second week of November, and call me optimistic, but I thought I might try and maybe, you know, not write half the book the week before it's due. Just for a wee laugh. So it seemed an opportune time to maybe work through a book from ideas to start and then maybe doing a regular update on the problems that crop up and the editing process...???

Well that was my thinking on it... If you fancy that plan then pop by and cast your vote and get your worm counter thingie ready and we'll try and work through one together... Even if you have one you've already started we can get together and run through the problems and the questions we might ask ourselves. And maybe knowing someone else out there is working alongside will help us all to get going???

I'll give you a few options for a series anyway and you can vote and we'll take it from there...


Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Great review Trish. I wish I hadn't missed the boat with this one.

I love the idea of a writing workshop. I have to say I often feel a tad guilty about the time you spend helping us when you are on deadline with your own wip, but I don't feel so bad knowing that we'll be working together.
My worm counter thingie is ready and waiting...

Sue :-)

Trish said...

Sue - E-Mail me you addy and as one of my favorite reviewers I'll send you one.... ;)

Well when I say *send* I mean add to the rapidly growing pile of parcels by my door... which I *will* send this week. I *will I will I will*