Friday, September 1, 2006

Popping The Pink Champagne!

Yes, it's finally here! Today is launch day for The Pink Heart Society - The magazine type Blog in support of all things Category Romance; that has everything from Spotlight Interviews with favourite authors to Guest Stars - to Brand New Authors who have just sold and share their stories - to Blogs on Hot Men and Romantic Destinations - and then adding some Prize Draws and thought provoking pieces on romance... Really, could we ask for more?

I'm so very proud to be a part of this alongside three wonderful friends - Natasha Oakley - Ally Blake - and Nicola Marsh - who have all worked tirelessly and between deadlines to get this thing off the ground! It's a labour of love (no pun intended with the romance reference) and it was just so much fun to be all together via MSN Messenger to publish the very first post. A little piece of history. And as we've already been on such a journey together having sold around the same time and suffered the same joys and anxieties as we set out on these brand new careers, it's all the more special.

Already we have a very large membership on the Yahoo loop, loads of members whose blogs and websites all carry the Little Pink Dancing Guy to show their love of Category Romance and so many hits on the blog since we first started getting it ready that at times it has frightened us a little...

But now that's it's *out there* we can only hope it brings as many new faces together as possible, people who love those 'little romance books' as much as we do and aren't afraid to say so and maybe even some who were afraid to try one, or just plain walked by them because they had dismissed them for years , who might now come back and look at them with fresh eyes, an open mind and a willingness to see how much there is to offer across the ranges!

It's a writing community with a long history, a group of women who have maybe fought for years to get into what some may be surprised to learn is a tough industry to break; who then work alone and isolated, trying every time to learn and progress and I, for one, am very very proud to be in their company.

The idea behind The Pink Heart Society was to stand up for all those women, and all the millions upon millions of readers who buy their books. So, thank you ladies.

We at The Pink Heart Society salute you!!!!

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