Monday, October 9, 2006

A little behind The Pineapple Info

So I thought I'd give you some behind the scenes stuff from O'Reilly's Bride... And try and add to the great Sean debate... Though I'm loving all the suggestions you've been making on who you'd have seen playing him... ;)

Let's start with Sean O'Reilly's coat of arms... And the family motto of fortitudine et prudential (fortitude and prudence) - which roughly translates as mental and emotional strength in facing difficulty, adversity, danger or temptation courageously (fortitude dictionary definition) and caution with regard to practical matters, discretion, regard for ones own interest (prudence dictionary definition) - Now, I WISH I could tell you that I picked that name on purpose to match it with that family motto and its associated qualities... But I didn't. It was a random choice off my list of Irish names, and one I hadn't used before. But having looked it up for this Pineapple Party Blog I got the shivers - cos that motto couldn't have been more perfect for the man who became Sean O'Reilly...

I smiled when I read Jopee's idea of how Sean had looked in her mind (see comments after last post), because to a certain extent I *had* thought of that film when I was writing. But the film had a sad ending. I needed happy. And I was influenced too by the ever helpful Hugh Jackman's role in Someone Like You, which I recently reviewed for The Pink Heart Society. Because, although I'd had the rugged exterior of Tom Berenger in mind as I started, Sean needed to be so much more. He needed to have that fortitudine et prudential as he set out to make Maggie his! Tom gave me the rugged image from Sean's war cameraman days that I needed, Hugh gave me that cheeky sense of humour that was such a big part of Sean as the story progressed... but neither of them were proving to be Sean for my muse as I got further into the story... Sean was becoming a man of his own, so whoever I used as my image of him had to be a little of both the potential heros who had already helped me - and irresistable as bedamned to boot!!! It wasn't until I caught sight of an old favourite TV programme of mine that I found the image that was perfect for the man who became Sean O'Reilly to me...On my Eharlequin Blog this month I have been talking about the agonies involved in writing The Pineapple... Literally as well as figuratively... But somewhere along the way the whole thing wasn't helped by the fact that I couldn't get Sean O'Reilly's image fixed in my mind. And that may have been a small thing as his personality took on wings of its own - but as I was already feeling disjointed and unattached to the book as it was - I needed that image. I needed to have a picture beside my computer - so that when I got stuck I could look at it and he would *tell* me what he would do next, or what he would say or how he was feeling... or he would simply nag at me with those gorgeous dark eyes every time I went past the computer without sitting down to do some work... I needed my Sean!!!!

There had to be integrity in him, so that we understood he would work tirelessly as a News Cameraman to show the rest of the world what was happening in war torn matter what the personal cost along the way.

"You saw some things you'll never forget."
"No matter how hard I try," He took a breath and looked her in the eye again, "And I don't think it's right that I forget. Because if I forget altogether, it's like cheating all those people somehow. I was there to make sure the rest of the world, the people back here knew what was going on. By blocking it out I'm denying all that I tried to show them."

There had to be that irrestibly cheeky, quick-witted sense of humour that Hugh Jackman had in Someone Like You, with a sparkle in those eyes... so that you could understand why Maggie would find herself smiling so often.

He laughed aloud, "You're kidding! You're chatting away to this guy and you don't even know what he looks like? He could have two heads, or be ninety, or some spotty teenager having a few kicks on the net."
"He doesn't come across like that. He's smart, funny, insightful."

"A smart, funny, insightful one eyed old pirate whose picture has a set of numbers along the bottom?"
She tried to tug her arm free, scowling when he held onto her, "You see this is exactly why I don't talk to you about this kind of thing."

And then there had to be that drop dead gorgeous look that would single him out of a crowd so that we could completely understand Maggie not being able to resist him, no matter how she tried!

Choosing to ignore his question she instead focussed on how well he filled out a pair of jeans. She’d always thought she was an ‘eyes’ girl, but wow, she could change her mind. Maybe it was just because, wet as his jeans were, they just moulded in all the right places.
At the doors to their apartments he swung round to look at her and grinned when her eyes shot upwards and she blushed. He studied her face for the briefest of seconds and then asked, “Were you just checking me out?”
“No!” She blushed an even fierier red at the lie.
“Yes you were,” He continued grinning as he leaned a shoulder against the wall and folded his arms across his chest, “So what’s the verdict?”
With a scowl she went searching for her door key, her eyes avoiding his, “I have better things to do that look at your rear.”
“You were looking though.”
“I was not!” And as if she was about to admit she had been. Hell would be a cold place first.

Re-discovering Kyle Chandler in varying different pictures achieved all those goals for me. As finding the right basic mental picture so often does!!! To me, he could have lived up to that O'Reilly family motto...Whether or not you guys still disagree with my choice or not remains to be seen! LOL. But even if you do have someone else in mind as you read the book, either way I'll be happy. Cos it means that he became 'real' to you too. I may have found O'Reilly's Bride my toughest book to write out of all of them so far - but I will say I am pleased with how it turned out. Especially when it came to Sean O'Reilly himself... Sigh...

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Marcy said...

OMG, Trish...I LOVE Kyle Chandler. About 15 years ago he used to be on a show called Homefront. That's when I fell in love with him. I think that might have been the first show he was on. I especially liked the guest spot that he did on Grey's Anatomy last season (do you guys get that in Ireland???)

Picturing Kyle Chandler as Sean O' I definitely need to read the book!


Jopee said...

Oooh Trish, love those eyes!

Marcy, he's on Grey's Anatomy?!? We're in the early eps of the second season here in the UK. Debating with myself whether I should ask you for spoilers or not *g*

I also agree with Jude in that i can see Gerald Butler as Sean too. The man is just too multifaceted, Trish. Just loved his patience in waiting and fighting for Maggie :) I think I enjoyed it more the second time around knowing all you've been through writing it.

Marcy said...

Jopee...don't get too excited. He was only on for one episode :( Not sure if we're on season 2 or 3 in Canada. I think it's 3. All I can say is that it keeps getting better!!!

Kyle Chandler is an awesome pick for your hero inspiration, Trish.

Jopee said...

Awwww... guess I'll just have to content myself with McDreamy ;-)

Carol Hutchens said...

Now these pics give me a character I can wrap my imagination around...Kyle Chandler isn't familiar to me...but he's a honey!
[now if my book order would arrive!!}


allyblake said...

He was gooooorgeous on Grey's Anatomy. For such a small role he absolutely broke through for me. Hard, smart, charming, gorgeous. Im happy with him as Sean Ms Trish!

And isn't that show just getting better? We are near the end of S2 here in Aus and I cry in EVERY episode.