Monday, November 27, 2006

Inside Project: Parenthood

Well now that I'm out of the cave I have some MAJOR catching up to do...

I thought I'd start with a request from Jopee in the comments section where she asked me about the inspiration behind Brendan in Project: Parenthood and seeing as the book is out all over the place right now and I haven't said a thing about it while I've been buried in the cave I thought I'd do an excerpt and a competition first off my massive list of things to do...

And then I'll come back and tell you all about the trials and tribulations experienced in the cave this time...

So, Project: Parenthood is my first book for the brand new revamped Romance line and it's on sale in the USA & Canada in shops - in the UK and Ireland direct from Mills & Boon or on Amazon and - in Australia and New Zealand online now and retail next month...

The back-blurb says:

She hid from love but it found her anyway...
Teagan Delaney has made sure that she's too busy for love... too busy to get hurt! But when she has to become stand-in mum to her sister's tiny kids, and enlists the help of her gorgeous neighbour Brendan McNamara, the rules Teagan has lived by begin to crumble...
Brendan has already proved with ease that he's perfect father material, and as his new-found family quickly nestles its way into his heart he has to show Teagan that they can be the perfect family too...

The inspiration for Brendan was a tougher one than normal for me to find - because anyone that knows me knows I have a penchant for dark haired hero's - and Brendan is a blonde haired, blue eyed golden boy type... So I had to search long and hard for the right casting. But you know how dedicated I am - and eventually I found the look I wanted in the shape of the yummy Scott Speedman from Felicity and Underworld fame. I think he's perfect. Though I'm sure any of you guys that read the book will have an opinion on how perfect... And you know I love to add to the collection...

So here's an excerpt:

Curious, he fell into step beside her, adjusting his usual long stide to hers. 'You'e quite the mystery Teagan Delaney.'
'Am I?'
'Oh yeah.'
'Just because I didn't make an annual visit to the zoo?'
He smiled, 'Well, there's that. Then there's the fact that you honestly didn't believe that you would enjoy this, did you?'
'I will admit to having my doubts when you talked me into it.'
'And it nearly killed you to pull a sickie, didn't it?'
Another turn of her head in his direction, 'Oh, yes.'
'Mmm,' He nodded his head, gave her a quick glance as he pursed his mouth in thought, then asked, 'So the mystery would be how someone your age has managed to get this far in life without taking the odd sick day to have some fun?'
'I have fun,' she answered with an almost petulant pout of her bottom lip, 'I have loads of fun.'
Brendan quirked a brow in disbelief, 'Doing what?'
'My work is fun. I get to travel to all sorts of great places, all over the world, and meet loads of interesting people. That's fun.'
'That's travel agent fun.'
'Corporate travel consultant fun, if you don't mind. It's still fun, though.'
'It's not the same as taking a day to go play with kids at the zoo though.'
'No, I don't suppose it is,' And she knew he was right about that. Did he ever get tired of being right? Though with the new information she'd gleaned the night before she also had to wonder if being right about so many other things was any consolation for having been so wrong about one very big thing.

The lovely Julie at Cataromance gave the book a four and a half star rating and said:

Warm, witty and tender, this is another wonderful feel-good romance from a writer who always delivers captivating romances which keep the reader turning the pages late into the night. With its splendid cast of amiable characters, hilarious one-liners, heartwarming romance and powerful emotional intensity, Project: Parenthood is another triumph for the hugely talented Trish Wylie, one of the brightest stars of contemporary romance!

Can you see me blushing Julie????? THANK YOU!!! You guys can read the entire review here if you'd like a peek. She's too nice you know... Like all authors I can still read every book in print and see places were I could have made it better. But that's the thing about writing - at some point you have to know when to just leave it be and let it go...

Unlike this last HORRIFIC writing experience - which I couldn't WAIT to see the back of!!! But more about that tomorrow... And I'll tell you what I learnt from this experience - and the tips I was given when I started writing that still stand me in good stead four years after I first sold...

To win a signed copy of Project: Parenthood simply leave me a comment or some news I may have missed while I've been buried and a week from now I shall pick a winner....



Jopee said...

Hey Trish! Great to have you back :) I have read and thoroughly enjoyed Project: Parenthood. If only we can all be so lucky to find a neighbour like Brendan! Must say I don't know Scott Speedman and thought he was a bit young to be Brendan from the pics you posted but I looked around and found this...

Brendan with floppy hair ;-)

As for some news, I dont know how deep into the cave you were, like if you were watching some telly or not. If not, you missed a couple of hotties last week. Berger, of SATC fame, started a new series called Standoff and McDreamy has competition in Grey's called quite aptly, McSteamy :D I'm hoping we see him again this week.

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back Trish!!!

Scott Speedman is rather yummy. I actually tracked down a few of these pics for Nic a while back for one of her heroes. Can't wait to read the book!


Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Welcome back Trish!

To ensure I don't miss anymore Romance titles I've now subscribed to the Reader Service - trouble is I didn't realise it'd start with Jan '07 titles (making me not adverse to the idea of winning a signed copy of P:P). ;--)

I've recently caught up with The Wedding Surprise and I LOVED it. No surprise there though. I feel your pain about your recent writing experience, but I have to say I don't believe you won't have succeeded with this one too. I've yet to read a book of yours that I haven't loved.

While you've been away I've been going through major collywobbles with my own writing - caused in part by the wonderful stories in the Romance line. Romance has stolen my heart, and I have lost my passion for writing a Medical. With the exception of a few Meds, my reading this year has comprised mainly of Tenders, Romance, ModX, Modern... Being a slower reader these days, I'm finding I'm able to devour these books.

The upshot of these collywobbles is that I'm plodding along with my current w-i-p, determined to get to 'The End' (it wouldn't surprise me if I look back and discover this has been a pineapple too), and then I'm going to endeavour to write what I most love to read - a Romance. I'm just praying that I don't experience this amount of angst with every book I write, especially after seeing that you still suffer for your art!

Oh dear, no sooner are you back that I've rambled on again, sorry.

Looking forward to reading about what you've learnt from this recent experience.

Sue :-)

Marcy Bassett-Kennedy said...

Glad to have you back, Trish. I missed hearing your trials and tribulations!


Trish said...

Jopee THANKYOU!!!!!!!!! I'm glad you enjoyed Brendan - and I think to be honest of all the Scott pics the top one would be closest to Brendan in my mind... so tough to find a blonde hero u know... sigh... (I loved him with long hair too btw!)

And Ally kept ANOTHER potential hero from me????????

SUE!!!! I've been following your roller coaster ride and I say to go with your gut my honey. Writing what you enjoy reading is so much *easier* in the sense that I think the words can often flow better. Having said that I love Patricia Cornwell's books and the chances of me ever being able to write one are slim to non-existant... maybe even a little less!!!

And Marcy I can't TELL YOU how GOOD it is to BE BACK!!! There aren;t enough words.... I just hope everyone still remembers me.... the blog world seems awfully quiet at the minute....