Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Breathless! all over again!

Remember this cover I was so pleased with of late??? Well- I HAVE IT IN MY SWEATY LITTLE HANDS!!!

Yes - Santa brought me an early Christmas box of books! Gotta love it when that happens! So, taking them in order of release we have Breathless! The February Modern Extra release - and as you may know - my fav book to write so far! I LOVE this hero - love the bantering between hero and heroine - love the HEAT... Sigh...

So the Back-Blurb says:

Just one night would take her breath away!
Rory Flanaghan is every girl's dream: tall, toned and so, so sexy. On leave from his dangerous overseas job, he's helping out at the gym he owns. When writer Cara Sheehan starts one-to-one sessions with Rory, exercise takes on a whole new meaning! He leaves her with a sensual awareness she's never let herself feel before...
Rory can't understand why this beautiful, fiesty woman has a problem with her image, and he knows he can teach Cara what she's capable of... As things get really personal, Rory shows Cara that just one kiss, just one touch...just one night... will leave her breathless...!
Now, I'd post the excerpt inside the front cover - but - well - I don't think I can... So I've searched for a *safer* excerpt to whet your appetite...
“You have a very extensive vocabulary for someone who otherwise looks so sweet and innocent you know.”
Rory swallowed back a smile as she glared up at him, her face flushed and damp with exertion. Long tendrils of her deep brown, shoulder length hair escaping from their loose plaits and plastering to her cheeks. And every time he insisted she managed another sit up or another five minutes on an exercise bike she would grit her teeth and swear at him. Like a trooper.
“I’ll bet,” She forced her pelvis upwards as she pressed her heels into the Swiss Ball, “Women call you names,” Held the position for a second before lowering with a flop to the floor, “all the damn time.”
He did his best not to watch the upward and downward movement of her pelvis. That would be unprofessional, wouldn’t it? In fact after twenty minutes of watching her in varying thrusts and bends over the ball he was fairly sure he was past unprofessional and bordering on being a pervert. Just what was it with him and this woman?
Ever since she had walked in through the door and looked up at him with those Pacific-Ocean-blue eyes of hers he had had but one thought in his head. And its name was Cara Sheehan.
She had a way of looking at him that had made him feel like some kind of illicit treat she couldn’t allow herself to have. Which was sexy as all hell.
And she was sharp as a tack mentally, which kept him on his toes; their verbal bantering helping to distract him from, other things.
In theory.
He cleared his throat, “Not with quite so much colour in the terminology, no.”
Her blue eyes narrowed as she looked at him from the corner of her eye, “You look that word up in the dictionary today, did you?”
“It was word of the day in the paper.”
“The one with the naked women on the third page?”
“That’s the one,” His smile escaped, “Again. Come on, you have five of these to do before we move on.”
Five more of this, six more of that, and Rory was fairly sure she was smart enough to realize he was adding a few every time. But she didn’t stop, she just gritted her teeth, called him a ‘sadist’ and kept going.
He liked that about her.
Nearly a week in and she was showing the same kind of gutsy determination he had had to call on in himself since he’d come home. And he could empathize with that. It garnered his respect; helped hold hotter thoughts at bay.
She was a client after all. And if she wasn’t?
Well, suffice to say all prior deals would be off.
I may have mentioned a time or two how much I love this book. So I won't say it again.
I'll just come back and let you know when it's on sale at the M&B site - which should be next month - and when it is we'll have a wee bit of a competition on here to see if you can win a copy... Oh and don't forget to look out for the BIG END OF YEAR COMPETITION we have coming where you can win a copy of each and every one of my 2006 UK Releases!!!!
Now - if I can just wire up the scanner to my new laptop I'll scan in the cover of the other book I got - My April Romance Rescued: Mother-To-Be - the cover of which IS TO DIE FOR!!!! I think the whole world is in agreement that the covers for the new line have been FANTABULOUS so far! Yaaayyyyy!!!!


Natasha Oakley said...

Just can't help picturing you with your own swiss ball! LOL Does everyone know you write with your feet on one???

That *is* one great cover.

Teresa said...

Love this cover! It is truly Breathless.