Sunday, December 10, 2006

Catching Up

Go on - say yes - humor me...

Yes, I did indeed disappear into the cave with revisions... And although there was a fair bit to do, I was given the order to have FUN with it... So FUN I HAD... Oh yes, I had a tonne of fun with it - and then I threw in a little more fun for good measure. And FUN was exactly what was missing!!! I KNOW! From ME!!! Just shows you how much of a struggle I had with this one...

Anyway 48 odd hours after the the fun version went winging through cyberspace to London I got word that the book had SOLD!!! So I'm sure you could all hear me sighing with relief!!!! Because this one was - altogether now - *a tough one to write*....

So, to celebrate, and because I feel I've earned it, and because I've killed my last one due to over-work and therefore have nothing to work on.... I purchased a nice shiny all singing, all dancing laptop!!! WOO-HOO! And I tell ya folks - this thing is so damn fast compared to my last one I'm a bit worried about the amount of time I must have lost this last year... just WAITING. Waiting for downloads, waiting for research searches to complete, waiting for Blog pics to upload... waiting waiting waiting... And I'm also hoping that this vast improvement in speed means I'll lose my temper less... Have to say, I'm less tempted to throw this one out of the window. This one is pretty!

But it was a necessary investment too! So I'm still being good. And I went for a laptop again cos I never sit still. And with planning on doing all of the conferences next year I need something that will travel, right???

So, thanks to all this new technology at my fingertips I am actually having FUN playing catch up. For all of you on my mailing list - and some friends I added - I have sent out the newsletter for December - with all the latest on releases out now and upcoming, some reviews, news on a new competition I have coming up, some Irish Christmas recipes and a little Irish Christmas History... You can subscribe to the Yahoo version of the Newsletter here or you can email me through the website and I'll add you to my mailing list...
I'll post some of it on here next week for you guys here on the Blog and in the meantime, while I send out lots of books to competitions myself and a load to people who have patiently been waiting for books from me... you can have a think about the kinds of things you'd like to see on here this next while. BEFORE I GET BURIED AGAIN.
I thought we could kick off with the rest of the Book With Trish series???
And over at The Pink Heart Society we yesterday announced the exciting news that a Harlequin Mills and Boon Editor will be Guest Blogging this month! We're discussing questions for her interview at the PHS Yahoo loop that you can sign up to here.
So what would you ask her???
  1. Always wondered what it's like to work in the London Offices????
  2. Curious about a typical working day????
  3. Want to know what the layout is like inside the offices???
  4. Where does the slush pile live and how do they decide who reads them???
  5. What is the journey of a book from slush pile to publication????
  6. What day of the week should you shadow the phone for THE CALL????
  7. How do they decide on Mini-Series or the mix of themes???
  8. Is it tough deciding what to put on the cover???
  9. What is the best or worst thing about being an Editor???

You're bound to have things you'd ask!!!! The PHS Editors are compiling a list of questions for the start of the week so if you have something you'd like to try and get on the list then pop over to the Blog or join the Yahoo loop and ask away. There's no guarantee your question might make it but hey! It's worth a try!!! Just remember:

*Obviously due to the limited space we have here at the Blogazine we will be restricted to the number of questions that we can ask... These WILL NOT include any individual queries about manuscripts or any pitches for books... And The Pink Heart Society Editors will reserve the right to choose which questions they feel the Blogazine readers would find most interesting...*

And I'm off now to see what else I can make my new toy do...


Donna Alward said...

:-) It's nice to have you back!

JENNA said...

Welcome back to the blogverse!

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Of course, you definitely missed and congrats on the new laptop!

So when you get a chance tell us about this "fun" book you just finished.