Wednesday, February 28, 2007

And a Cataromance Award!!!

Well... on a bit of a roll this week aren't we????

Yup - with many many many thanks to the lovely lovely Reviewers at Cataromance (and you *know* who you are!!!) my first Modern Extra title White-Hot! has been awarded a Cataromance Reviewers Choice Award for the second half of 2006!!!


Have to say - I'm quite enjoying this week ;)

Congrats go also to my fellow PHS Eds Ally Blake and Nicola Marsh who also won awards!!!

And just in case you had all forgotten - White-Hot! is being released as a Promotional Presents in the USA and Canada in August under the title: The Firefighters Chosen Bride... No cover as of yet so we'll all just have to make do with the UK Fireman cover... Sigh... This job is just soooooo tough sometimes...

For a full listing of the Cataromance Reviewers Choice Awards you can go to the message boards here.

On the deadline front may I just insert manic laughter and then slink back off into the cave where I belong...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Romantic Times Top Pick!!!!!

At this point I would like you to take the time to picture me bouncing around my tiny living room like a mental woman... in my PJ's... cos I'm on a deadline... (think pink and fluffy... it's winter - and I'm a girl!)

While skiving, oops, sorry - taking a break... I went to see if the reviews were in for April books yet and lo and behold - not only are they in but I'M A TOP PICK!!!! A-TOP-PICK!!!! FROM ROMANTIC TIMES!!! ME!!!! I've set myself several goals since I took up writing and this was one of them... I can retire now...

This is what they had to say:

The return of her deceased business partner's prodigal son, real estate developer Eamonn Murphy, spells trouble for single mom-to-be Colleen McKenna. After she was swindled and dumped by her baby's father, the last thing Colleen wants is to be attracted to any man -- and she's had a thing for Eamonn for 15 years! But there's no getting rid of him. Eamonn's determined to stay and pick up the slack until Colleen gives birth, and begins trusting him. Which is unlikely to happen, given her history. Trish Wylie's Rescued: Mother-to-Be (4.5) has it all -- great dialogue, a solid plot and excellent characters. This one's a keeper.

I swear. I can't remember the last time I was so pleased!!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

First Review For Breathless!

Thanks to the very lovely Julie at Cataromance I have my very first review for Breathless! today!!!
The review ends up with:
"Breathless! Is simply fantastic! Trish Wylie’s heroine, Cara, is funny, sassy and adorable while Rory is a simply divine! Trish Wylie blends hot sex, intense character development, laugh out loud moments and heartwarming romance into an unforgettable story so good that you’ll guzzle it down in a single sitting – and then wish you hadn’t!
Sexy, funny and simply unputdownable, Trish Wylie’s Modern Romance Extras are books fans of Jennifer Crusie and Lori Foster should add to their lists. "

Now at this point I should just point out that the last paragraph is THE NICEST THING ANYONE HAS EVER SAID - EVER!!!!! Those two names are like, y'know, legends!!! I am a HUGE Lori Foster fan , she's the person that started me back onto reading M&B's after I went out and started a career in the *real* world, the first one that made me think seriously about writing one myself, and therefore - it follows - that she was the one that made me what I am today... Her hero's inspired me. In fact, can I just say - The Buckhorn Brothers series has just been re-released and if you haven't read them - go - GO NOW... cos seriously, YUM!!! My original copies are all but worn out so those nice new shiny covers have been very tempting... So, the very fact that my name was in the same sentence as those two names...well.. I think I could quit now and be happy...
Then again... deadline now eight days away...May have to wait til then to quit...
To read the whole review you can go here - and THANKYOU JULIE for such a very lovely compliment!!!!!!!!!!!!
***Oh, and remember folks, to comment on here it's still right click and open - sorry - flipping stupid blogger...***
Breathless! is still available in the UK and through the Mills & Boon Site and Amazon and it's also available online through the eharlequin site in Australia, where it'll be on the shelf in about a week or so...
And you still have until Wednesday of this week to enter the contest to win a copy here or until Friday to win a copy as part of The Pink Heart Society's monthly Hamper Prize here...

Monday, February 19, 2007

I've been good for ages...

Your Element Is Air

You dislike conflict, and you've been able to rise above the angst of the world.
And when things don't go your way, you know they'll blow over quickly.

Easygoing, you tend to find joy from the simple things in life.
You roll with the punches, and as a result, your life is light and cheerful.

You find it easy to adapt to most situations, and you're an open person.
With you, what you see is what you get... and people love that!
Well...c'mon... In fairness I've been REALLY good about these things for AGES now!!! Not so much of an addiction anymore I feel. Though still equally as distracting when you go for a quick look-see whilst on a wee *break* from your WIP...
Actually I've found it quite tough to get into this book. No particular reason - just unsettled I guess. And it's that time of the year I hate the most, when everywhere is varying shades of brown and messy and the weather can affect how much outside time you have. I also hate being cold. Really I do. Having had a long talk with myself, it's not that I could live somewhere where there was sunshine, sunshine - oh, for a bit of a change - a little more sunshine, (I'd miss the seasons) but I really do think that the tail end of winter and me don't mix. Evidence? Sleep pattern seriously messed up. Restless. Listless. Could sleep til spring if sleep pattern would allow.
So anyway - had a long chat with lovely editor yesterday, which, along with my deadline, has motivated me somewhat. And today read Nicola Marsh's interesting post over at The Pink Heart Society about speed writing. Some really interesting points. And interesting also that a lot of the things I do actually do when close to deadline. Maybe I'm just one of those people that speeds up when under pressure??? I wouldn't recommend it, but hey, if that's what it takes...
Also, I've become obsessed with not falling down the *cliche* hole. The beauty of this brand new revamped romance line is that there is room for a lot of modern takes on the problems relationships might have, and I love that, it appeals to the way I write. But this book could so easily have led me down that hole - if I let it - so I'm trying really hard to avoid that happening. I wonder if we all end up expecting more of our writing as we go along or if it's just that I do love to make life difficult for myself??? I have to say, I have the greatest admiration for people who have dozens of books under their belt and can still continue to enthrall.
Right. Back to work I go. I promise to come back soon and continue with the workshops, if there's anyone still out there ;)
Oh - and if you've had a problem with the comments, it's Blogger playing me up. I find right clicking and selecting open does the trick... TTFN.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tagged Again!

Yep - Caught AGAIN!!! AND in the middle of what has YET AGAIN become ANOTHER excruciatingly tight deadline!!!! Am - as we speak - trying to find retreats in the middle of nowhere that I might be able to run away to.... to finish it you understand, not to hide, hide... Though that's tempting right this minute!

So thanks to that Donna Alward one...

Ten Random Things about me:

1. I'm right handed.
2. In the car I have to have the window open AND the heating on my feet at the same time. (it falls under the label *contradictions a woman is allowed* in the female handbook)
3. I hate marmite/bovril - whatever you want to call it. I call it vomit. Seriously I do.
4. I have a real thing about heights. Way I look at it is if we were meant to be up that high there wouldn't be such a thing as gravity - or we'd have wings...
5. I'm allergic to penicillin.
6. I'm a Sci-Fi fanatic but not in a geeky way. Okay. Maybe a little.
7. I have a tendency to *disappear* from time to time - something friends have been known to hate. I just like to hide away from the world from time to time (and not even when I'm writing either), guess that means I'm independant! I still like a good party - but am selfish enough to like *me time* too. And I'm lucky to have friends who, although occasionally lecturing me, still remain friends... fingers crossed...
8. My eyes change colour according to my mood. Anywhere from greyish through to a kind of mediterranean blue. Strange.
9. I have a real adoration of thunderstorms. Honestly. Uncontrollable adoration. Think of a five year old on Christmas Eve and that's me!
10. I sometimes get cramp in my hands - and my fingers lock. OUCH. Yeah, useful for a writer ain't it???

I'm tagging:

Cos they're all as snowed under as I am at the minute and it only seems fair I share...!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cataromance Reviewers Choice Nominees!!!

Yes - It's that time of year again when Cataromance announces their short-list of Nominees for The Reviewers Choice Awards (this time for the second half of 2006) - and there are a few familiar faces in there!!!! A HUGE CONGRATS to all my fellow Romance and Modern Extra authors!!! I'm just glad I'm not the one that has to make the final decision!!!
In The Romance Line:

Her Christmas Wedding Wish Judy Christenberry Harlequin Romance November 1, 2006
Inherited: Baby Nicola Marsh Mills & Boon December 1, 2006
Project: Parenthood Trish Wylie Harlequin Romance November 1, 2006
Long Lost Father Melissa James Harlequin Romance October 1, 2006
Wanted: Outback Wife Ally Blake Harlequin Romance October 1, 2006
The Sheikh's Guarded Heart Liz Fielding Mills and Boon September 1, 2006

In The Modern Extra Line:

Cooking Up A Storm Jenna Bayley-Burke Mills and Boon Modern Romance Extra December 1, 2006

White-Hot! Trish Wylie Mills and Boon Modern Romance Extra TBD
Seeing Stars Kate Hardy Mills and Boon October 1, 2006

Married in a Rush Julie Cohen Mills and Boon Modern October 1, 2006

Behind Closed Doors Anne Oliver Mills & Boon August 1, 2006

Strictly Legal Kate Hardy Mills and Boon July 1, 2006

And In Silhouette Romance:
How To Marry a Billionaire Ally Blake Silhouette Romance November 1, 2006

Blind-Date Marriage Fiona Harper Silhouette Romance December 1, 2006

Rescued by Mr. Right Shirley Jump Silhouette Romance October 1, 2006

The Rancher Takes a Wife Judy Christenberry Silhouette Romance September 1, 2006

Found: His Family Nicola Marsh Silhouette Romance October 1, 2006

The Cinderella Factor Sophie Weston Silhouette Romance September 1, 2006

Nanny and the Beast Donna Clayton Silhouette Romance August 1, 2006

Her Millionaire Boss Jennie Adams Mills & Boon October 1, 2006

Here With Me Holly Jacobs Silhouette Romance July 1, 2006

One Man and a Baby Susan Meier Silhouette Romance July 1, 2006

The Bride's Best Man Judy Christenberry Silhouette Romance July 1, 2006

Found: His Family Nicola Marsh Mills & Boon August 1, 2006
It'll be interesting to see how they split this down - as the Romance line launched September and became one *universal line* rather than the seperate Mills & Boon and Harlequin Romance Categories that they used to have - and you'll notice that some books are listed as being Mills and Boon (including some that are in fact Modern Extra's) - and some Mills and Boons that were also released as Silhouette Romances - so there may well be a seperate Mills and Boon category and there may not - We'll just have to leave it in the capable hands of the Cataromance gang!!! I did say I didn't envy them them the final decisions didn't I??? And there are some truly fabulous authors and books on that list!!!
To see the full list of series/Category nominees you can go here.

Monday, February 12, 2007

PHS Loop Author Party

Just in case you're wondering what I'm doing at the mo... ;) Apart from working on getting my word count up a little before the end of the month deadline and doing TONNES of mail outs for my April Romance release Rescued: Mother-To-Be and writing a few more of the Book With Trish series... I'm also attending an online party with a few of the Romance Line authors over on The Pink Heart Society's Yahoo Loop...

So if you fancy finding out lots about authors like:

Barbara McMahon
Ally Blake
Jennie Adams
Nicola Marsh
Jessica Hart
Natasha Oakley
Claire Baxter
Melissa James
Donna Alward
Liz Fielding
Jackie Braun
Barbara Hannay
(oh - and me!)
Then pop along and join the loop for free here - and then jump on in and ask all those things you've always wanted to know about writing for this newly merged line - which has it's first official month joined hand in hand with Silhouette Romance starting TOMORROW in the States!!! It's a little bit of history... Surely you don't want to miss that???
And with Kate Walker answering questions on the mistakes frequently made by new writers in March on the loop and more category lines scheduled for author parties - really - how can you not want to be there???

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Competition Time

Yep, it's that time again. First up is the winner of The Big End Of Year Competition - winning all of my UK releases in 2006 is Lisa in Alberta, Canada!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!

Lisa wins copies of :

This time you can win a signed copy of Breathless! If you're on my Mailing List (erm... and if not, why not???) then you might have heard about this new Competition already - I already have entries! Just email me through the Website and let me know:

What is the name of the music track I was listening to while writing that summed up how Shannon felt in The Return Of The Rebel?

Entries close end of February and I will draw the winner the first week of March. GOOD LUCK!
And if you want to know mt thoughts on Writing Romance as a Single Gal then pop over to the great Tote Bags 'n' Blogs where I'm blogging today...

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Pineapple Nominated for Award!!!!

Well whaddayakknow!!!! O'Reilly's Bride aka The Pineapple has been nominated by
Romantic Times for a Reviewers Choice Award for best Silhouette Romance!!!!!!
THE PINEAPPLE FOLKS!!!! Yes - I KNOW! After all that agony!
Of course I am chuffed to bits!!! And STUNNED!!! I mean... it's Romantic Times... and it''s THE PINEAPPLE!!!!
Mighty tight category though so am expecting absolutely nothing - just honoured to be there! And I know people always say that, but it's true! Especially as a fairly new author (remember 2006 was only my second year in the states - my second title being Marriage Lost And Found in February...) so even to get listed beside those names is surreal to say the least! And it's with my one and only ever Silhouette Romance as the line officially closed last month... so I guess that makes it a little piece of history... WOW!
HUGE CONGRATS ALSO to my wonderful friend Natasha Oakley for her nomination in the Best Harlequin Romance with A Family To Belong To - a book I LOVED incidentally and on top of her recent RNA nomination for Accepting The Boss's Proposal it's a truly FANTABULOUS start to the year!!! GO NATASHA!!!
And to all the other Harlequin Romance Authors nominated:
Liz Fielding
Jessica Hart
Marion Lennox
Linda Goodnight
What a wonderful line-up! And now I'm off to do a happy dance... my cat's love it when I do that!!! Yes they do - they just look like they think I'm insane...Oh, and if you want to read what Romantic Times had to say about O'Reilly's Bride you can read the review here...

Monday, February 5, 2007

Anyone for a Male On Monday???

Yup - I blame you lot entirely - and have thanked you for it before ;)

When I needed a bit of hero inspiration for Breathless! and we had a bit of a poll... you guys all voted for Colin Farrell and so he's my choice for Male on Monday today over on The Pink Heart Society!

Uh-huh. And what a hero Rory turned out to be!!!

So thankyou Colin!!! And as a thanks to you guys... a bit of an excerpt... There'll be a competition to win a copy of Breathless! after I announce the last competition winner in a couple of days time...

“You have a very extensive vocabulary for someone who otherwise looks so sweet and innocent you know.”

Rory swallowed back a smile as she glared up at him, her face flushed and damp with exertion. Long tendrils of her deep brown, shoulder length hair escaping from their loose plaits and plastering to her cheeks. And every time he insisted she managed another sit up or another five minutes on an exercise bike she would grit her teeth and swear at him. Like a trooper.

“I’ll bet,” She forced her pelvis upwards as she pressed her heels into the Swiss Ball, “Women call you names,” Held the position for a second before lowering with a flop to the floor, “all the damn time.”

He did his best not to watch the upward and downward movement of her pelvis. That would be unprofessional, wouldn’t it? In fact after twenty minutes of watching her in varying thrusts and bends over the ball he was fairly sure he was past unprofessional and bordering on being a pervert. Just what was it with him and this woman?

Ever since she had walked in through the door and looked up at him with those Pacific-Ocean-blue eyes of hers he had had but one thought in his head. And its name was Cara Sheehan.

She had a way of looking at him that had made him feel like some kind of illicit treat she couldn’t allow herself to have. Which was sexy as all hell.

And she was sharp as a tack mentally, which kept him on his toes; their verbal bantering helping to distract him from, other things.

In theory.

He cleared his throat, “Not with quite so much colour in the terminology, no.”

Her blue eyes narrowed as she looked at him from the corner of her eye, “You look that word up in the dictionary today, did you?”

“It was word of the day in the paper.”

“The one with the naked women on the third page?”

“That’s the one,” His smile escaped, “Again. Come on, you have five of these to do before we move on.”

Five more of this, six more of that, and Rory was fairly sure she was smart enough to realize he was adding a few every time. But she didn’t stop, she just gritted her teeth, called him a ‘sadist’ and kept going.

He liked that about her.

Nearly a week in and she was showing the same kind of gutsy determination he had had to call on in himself since he’d come home. And he could empathize with that. It garnered his respect; helped hold hotter thoughts at bay.

She was a client after all. And if she wasn’t?

Well, suffice to say all prior deals would be off.

So pop on over and pay homage to the *bad-boy* who inspired my favourite hero of all time!!!

The post is up here and don't forget you can get the behind the scenes story of Breathless! on the excerpt page here...

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Nuovo Rilascio In italiano!

In febbraio abbiamo mio primo rilascio di 2007 in italiano! Quando il CUORI OSTINATI fa il relativo senso sulle mensole...

Tra una sincera amicizia e un amore romanti­co il passo può essere molto breve.

La giornalista Mary Margareth Sullivan ha sempre pensato che non convenga mai mischiare lavoro e sentimenti. Il suo collega e cameraman Sean O'Reilly è sempre stato il miglior amico su cui poter contare, il problema è che per lei sta diventando qualcosa di più, tanto che continua a perdersi in sogni languidi su un futuro insieme. Tuttavia Margareth nasconde un segreto che le impedisce di dichiararsi a Sean, e la spinge addirittura a tenerlo a distanza fingendo di frequentare altri ragazzi conosciuti tramite Internet. Ma non ha considerato la cieca determinazione di Sean. Né la volontà ostinata del proprio cuore.

Molta gente sa che questo era il libro che ho avuto scrittura di difficoltà e quindi è stato conosciuta come il libro dell'ananas... Ma è stata così buono ricevuta dai lettori che ritengo migliore a questo proposito attualmente così la speranza di I che i lettori in Italia godono la storia del Sean e di Maggie anche!!!

Il libro è a disposizione per comprare QUI... LETTURA FELICE!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Book With Trish - Pt 8 - Building the Sexual Tension

So now we’re starting to think about building sexual tension…

So soon? Yes, you may well ask that question. And the answer is a resounding YES. Because if that attraction, that spark, that pull isn’t there between your characters from the get go then all your hard work is wasted. Cos this is a romance – and you want the reader to keep turning the page to find out what comes next, right???

So, straight away we want to start to layer that attraction in and to build on it!

Different lines will take different approaches to this. Both in the way it’s worded and in the phrasing. I know when I jump from one line to another it’s something I have to be very cautious about… Modern Extra’s should be a fast, fun, sexy read – Romance’s can afford to be a slower build, a more emotional involvement, more time for ahhh and less time for ooohhh I guess would be the simplest way of putting it. Not that there isn’t room for both in both of the lines!!!

Let’s have a look see if I can make it any clearer. We’ll take one Modern Extra and one Romance:

Back we go to Breathless! And the attraction is there from the very very beginning:

“What can I do for you?”
Cara stared up into the darkest eyes she had ever seen while her subconscious mind formed an X-rated list of answers to that particular question.
He had the eyes of a devil. Mid-night black, but with sharp sparks of light, like diamonds sprinkled on a coalface. And that voice! A deep baritone grumble that sent tremors through the air, ripples that washed over her body and called out to every pheromone she possessed. Men like him weren’t supposed to exist.
He hadn’t been there before. Had he? Oh no, she’d have remembered if she’d seen him before. And the sight of him now made her falter.
“Erm, hi.”

Now as we go into the chapter we learn that being lost for words is not something that Cara is notorious for. So add that to the continuing heightened awareness she has of how he looks and sounds and how her body reacts to him – all in the space of the first chapter (!!) and we have very definite sexual tension in place… right from the start... so that we can build on it...

Then let’s look at my April Romance release Rescued: Mother-To-Be and we can see a different approach:

“Welcome home, Eamonn.”
Colleen McKenna pinned a smile on her face and tilted her head back to look up at him where he stood, leaning against the doorway of the yard office. She had managed to keep her voice calm – even thought she’d come across as welcoming. Which was the least he deserved, on his first visit home after so long.
He hadn’t changed a bit, had he? Still disgustingly good-looking, still able to dominate by sheer presence as much as size. And still, after fifteen years, capable of making her mouth go dry and butterflies flutter their wings erratically in her stomach. It really wasn’t fair.
Surely a thirty year old woman should long since been over the unrequited love she’d felt as a fifteen year old? Shouldn’t she?
She felt a sudden ridiculous urge to raise her hand to her hair, to straighten it, tuck a loose strand behind one ear. As if those simple actions would somehow make her look less dishevelled than she felt. But it wasn’t as if Eamonn Murphy had ever cared how she looked before, was it?

It’s a very different *feel* isn’t it? And yet we still have had it made plain that there is an attraction there. Before we even get the description of him on the next page we can tell how Colleen is effected by him – we know on an emotional level that she was crazy about him a long time ago – we know that subconsciously there’s maybe still something of that there in the way she is worried about how she looks…

And it might interest you to know that both of those excerpts are taken from the opening of both books. They are the first page, straight after the words Chapter One. So the attraction is established from the get-go and we have jumped straight into the action and made it plain that it’s the beginning of a relationship - and we've started to lay our characters personalities out for the reader to see…

So Part 8 of the workshop is to look at getting the beginnings of the Sexual Tension onto the page as soon as possible too. There’s a lot to be packed into that first couple of chapters – but its vital we do – because every little layer that we have at the beginning can then be built on and expanded as we get deeper into the story…

And take a moment and look at both those examples and see if you have been drawn out of the story? Would you have read on? Do you have an initial impression of the characters? Think about the steps we have taken so far – and remember – when you’re actually writing, try not to get bogged down on these details! Write first – critique and edit second!!! Otherwise your story may become stilted along the way..

The characters and the story come first….

We’ll pause for questions here as usual and then we’ll move on again…

Thursday, February 1, 2007

PHS Diet Club Update

So I haven't been very good at reporting in on this of late. I have my reasons. Honest.

Every damn time I go on any kind of a diet - I get sick. About a week or two in. Every damn time. Sick. And then I try to eat my way back to health and I take lots of nice medicines - which I'm convinced have calories in - and I rest more and exercise less cos I don't feel well... There's a pattern there isn't there... Sigh.

So my little weight ticker thingie has been up and down like, well, there's a bad joke in there somewhere but I won't go there - let's just say it has been a testing month diet wise. And I'm still not well... What I'm gonna have to do is persevere - not weigh myself every single day and depress myself - keep taking the vitamin supplements - and hope that I work my way through it. Sigh again.

They do say that nothing worth having is easy to get, right???

I'll be there for the official weigh in at The Pink Heart Society on the first Tuesday of the month, where I'll be discussing different fashionable diets on the go at the moment... Sigh.