Thursday, February 1, 2007

PHS Diet Club Update

So I haven't been very good at reporting in on this of late. I have my reasons. Honest.

Every damn time I go on any kind of a diet - I get sick. About a week or two in. Every damn time. Sick. And then I try to eat my way back to health and I take lots of nice medicines - which I'm convinced have calories in - and I rest more and exercise less cos I don't feel well... There's a pattern there isn't there... Sigh.

So my little weight ticker thingie has been up and down like, well, there's a bad joke in there somewhere but I won't go there - let's just say it has been a testing month diet wise. And I'm still not well... What I'm gonna have to do is persevere - not weigh myself every single day and depress myself - keep taking the vitamin supplements - and hope that I work my way through it. Sigh again.

They do say that nothing worth having is easy to get, right???

I'll be there for the official weigh in at The Pink Heart Society on the first Tuesday of the month, where I'll be discussing different fashionable diets on the go at the moment... Sigh.

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