Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Pineapple Nominated for Award!!!!

Well whaddayakknow!!!! O'Reilly's Bride aka The Pineapple has been nominated by
Romantic Times for a Reviewers Choice Award for best Silhouette Romance!!!!!!
THE PINEAPPLE FOLKS!!!! Yes - I KNOW! After all that agony!
Of course I am chuffed to bits!!! And STUNNED!!! I mean... it's Romantic Times... and it's...well...it's THE PINEAPPLE!!!!
Mighty tight category though so am expecting absolutely nothing - just honoured to be there! And I know people always say that, but it's true! Especially as a fairly new author (remember 2006 was only my second year in the states - my second title being Marriage Lost And Found in February...) so even to get listed beside those names is surreal to say the least! And it's with my one and only ever Silhouette Romance as the line officially closed last month... so I guess that makes it a little piece of history... WOW!
HUGE CONGRATS ALSO to my wonderful friend Natasha Oakley for her nomination in the Best Harlequin Romance with A Family To Belong To - a book I LOVED incidentally and on top of her recent RNA nomination for Accepting The Boss's Proposal it's a truly FANTABULOUS start to the year!!! GO NATASHA!!!
And to all the other Harlequin Romance Authors nominated:
Liz Fielding
Jessica Hart
Marion Lennox
Linda Goodnight
What a wonderful line-up! And now I'm off to do a happy dance... my cat's love it when I do that!!! Yes they do - they just look like they think I'm insane...Oh, and if you want to read what Romantic Times had to say about O'Reilly's Bride you can read the review here...

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Natasha said...

Let's do a happy dance together. Just think of all the calories we'll be burning off!