Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tagged Again!

Yep - Caught AGAIN!!! AND in the middle of what has YET AGAIN become ANOTHER excruciatingly tight deadline!!!! Am - as we speak - trying to find retreats in the middle of nowhere that I might be able to run away to.... to finish it you understand, not to hide, hide... Though that's tempting right this minute!

So thanks to that Donna Alward one...

Ten Random Things about me:

1. I'm right handed.
2. In the car I have to have the window open AND the heating on my feet at the same time. (it falls under the label *contradictions a woman is allowed* in the female handbook)
3. I hate marmite/bovril - whatever you want to call it. I call it vomit. Seriously I do.
4. I have a real thing about heights. Way I look at it is if we were meant to be up that high there wouldn't be such a thing as gravity - or we'd have wings...
5. I'm allergic to penicillin.
6. I'm a Sci-Fi fanatic but not in a geeky way. Okay. Maybe a little.
7. I have a tendency to *disappear* from time to time - something friends have been known to hate. I just like to hide away from the world from time to time (and not even when I'm writing either), guess that means I'm independant! I still like a good party - but am selfish enough to like *me time* too. And I'm lucky to have friends who, although occasionally lecturing me, still remain friends... fingers crossed...
8. My eyes change colour according to my mood. Anywhere from greyish through to a kind of mediterranean blue. Strange.
9. I have a real adoration of thunderstorms. Honestly. Uncontrollable adoration. Think of a five year old on Christmas Eve and that's me!
10. I sometimes get cramp in my hands - and my fingers lock. OUCH. Yeah, useful for a writer ain't it???

I'm tagging:

Cos they're all as snowed under as I am at the minute and it only seems fair I share...!

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