Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bear With Me...

I know I said I'd be here yesterday to tell you about books I've been reading and that today would be a surprise...erm...well... SURPRISE... I'm gonna need you to bear with me.

Because this story WILL NOT LEAVE ME ALONE. I'm blaming this picture entirely, and that's why it's here yet again...

Never in any of the previous 13 of my books have I been so driven to tell a story! I swear. The characters just WILL NOT SHUT UP. I've heard other authors talk about characters giving them sleepless nights, but I always assumed that was because things weren't going well, or that they were stuck somewhere. It never once occurred to me that it was because the characters were constantly shouting at them!

Could have done with the heads up gang... thanks for that.

I am obsessed with this story. I can't even flipping well sleep! Every time I close my eyes ideas come flooding out of nowhere and then I have to go turn on the computer to either do research or to change something earlier on cos I now know I'll need it later. When I do manage to doze off, there they are again, showing me scenes, telling me dialogue... demanding I wake up again to get to it. I leave the house and I'm thinking about whats coming next, I make something to eat and I'm thinking about a line I could have changed. And every time I leave the computer to attempt a break and I foolishly leave the music playing... when it gets to the theme tune I'm hauled back... I swear, even with the volume low, I can hear it clean from the other end of the house.

I even suggested to Natasha that I was being channelled from somewhere. It certainly feels like it. But whatever it is, it means that right now this story has WINGS and I can't stop! So bear with me... Please? I need to get some sleep soon!


Kate Walker said...

And you're complaining?

Are you mad, woman? Go with it - enjoy it - it don't happen often

But I'm delighted to hear it's happening now!


Rachael said...

Good luck - I can only say that I'm jealous... my story doesn't seem to be want to be written at all at the moment!

Nicola Marsh said...

I love it when this happens, Trish!

Make the most of it. These are the books that are just 'meant to be' as opposed to the ones we write which resemble the feeling of having teeth pulled!!!

Ally Blake said...

Waaaah, I hate you!

No, really I do. I'm loving my book too, and am kind of thankful I'm not having sleepless nights, but that word count is just delicious!

Maybe you can finish the second book by the first book's deadline too ;).


JENNA said...

32K! Wow. You know, channeled books are the BEST to read.

Though, I must hate you on the word count war. It is only fair.

Trish said...

Kate it's more of a lack of sleep complaint than it is a muse complaint! HONEST. My muse took a hike around about December and REFUSED with a picket line type STRIKE to come out and play again. No matter what negotiations or tricks or bribes I tried... I'm glad to see her back! I'm just VERY GRUMPY without sleep...


Rachael (see muse complaint above) I've been there hun and it's a cow isn't it??? My last book wasn't so much a case of BICHOK as FBICACL (force bum in chair and complain lots). And it involved lots of face pulling, and groaning aloud... and deleting nonsense the next day...More than one road I'm reliably informed. I'm just preferring the downhill ski-slope this time ;)

Nic - Oh I AM. Though I still do feel a tad like I have a screw loose for laughing aloud so much. These guys are FUNNY!!!! If a single iota of the fun I'm having writing this comes through in the reading of it I'll be a happy happy happy bunny.

Jenna and Ally! Mmmm... I'd feel guilty BUT... And Jenna I hope you're right!!! Be a shame to have lost all this sleep and then have it BITE...