Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bride Of The Emerald Isle Cover

On the Irish Isle of Valentia wisps of cloud hang low in the air, and a rugged figure appears through the hazy mist - the man that Keelin O'Donnell has been searching for without ever realising it.

Garrett Kincaid can help beautiful stranger Keelin unlock the secrets of her past. But he can't give her his heart - he knows Keelin's life lies elsewhere.

Only the essence of the Emerald Isle is capturing Keelin, drawing her in and giving her the courage to claim a future. A future that belongs to this man.

Well I said I'd be back today with the cover of Bride Of The Emerald Isle if I could manage it and here 'tis! How gorgeous is that cover??? And how evocative is that back-blurb???

Any of you that visit regularly will know this one as The Love Letters (its WIP title) and you'll know this one had a touch of magic to it from beginning to end. It's also the one where I had to layer in 'dogs' - literally. Cos on the last read though it occurred to me that they'd been in the first chapter and then disappeared ... And this is the one and only book I have ever written that went through without a single word of revision. Something that I have great confidence will never, ever, ever happen again!

The story was *seeded* - as Kate Walker likes to say - by Natasha Oakley and a 'throwaway' comment she made, actually, I think t'was here on the Blog... She said something about a guy coming to an Irish village with a bunch of old love letters and BANG - just like that a story was born. Only the guy became a girl and the village became an island I had spent time on and loved. Just like that. See? Stories can start from just about anywhere...

There's more of the story behind the story and the real life setting of Valentia Island on the Behind The Story section of the Bride Of The Emerald Isle page on my website... And it's the book that I'll *hopefully* be signing at the RWA National conference in Dallas this summer along with my first Promo Presents The Firefighter's Chosen Bride (White-Hot!) which is released in August... Please... someone come talk to me so I don't look like a lonely pint!!! I'll even let you make fun of my accent...

Bride Of The Emerald Isle is a July release in the UK, Ireland, Canada and the USA... I hope you all like it!

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Nicola Marsh said...

Trish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both the cover and blurb are stunning :)