Monday, April 30, 2007

It's Amazing...

How one book can be so very different from the last...

Letting Loose was a fun, fast, dream of a write. The heroine lead it a lot I think, and everything flowed very fast (though obviously that still remains to be seen til I hear from my lovely Ed!).

Getting Even is a whole nother story - no pun intended you understand.

And the problem? Sheesh. How long you guys got??? At the start I was worried that the two stories would be too similar. The angst of many a writer I think. So I was very conscious of that going into this. But I don't think it is, it's just that there is that initial overlap with them being linked through that one scene at the big posh party... So I've talked myself outta that one.

I could blame post-book-slump from the first one - and did a bit for a day or so... And I could blame that I've been feeling a bit ikkie as I fight off a cold... But no, it's not really that either.

Nope. The biggest problem so far - is GABE. The man is so - so - soooooo....!?!

Well - you see my dilemma. You still don't? Alright. Then let's look through the keyhole shall we? He's that manly man type - remember the power tools, the heavy duty truck and the rock music? Okay. Then add the fact that he's not got all that much to say in dialogue - he's an actions speak louder man. And then add the fact that he hasn't seen the heroine in eight years so he's CHANGED. 'Grown up' is all he'll say. And he remembers her as the spoilt brat she was before so he doesn't even for a second see that SHE might have changed TOO. Sooooo....

My poor heroine is a bit confounded.

And she's not the only one. It has taken this long for the writer to figure out that Gabe is ANGRY. Not at me, I'm doing the best I can under the circumstances I feel... Nope - he's angry at HER. And until she steps up to the plate to try and find out why, he's probably gonna continue to be a right royal pain in the -

You get the picture....
So I'm gonna don my protective clothing and try and wade in there to move it forwards. Before anyone reading it decides the heroine is a wimp and the hero an ass. Yup. That's a description that'll sell the book, isn't it???

We've done one nice scene with a swing from their childhood days. But that didn't end so well. And now Gabe is being...well...he's being stubborn again. So watch out - cos here comes Ash to sort him out...!!!

Meanwhile, here at ye olde Blog - Tomorrow is Dougal's first birthday, so I'll be back with pictures so you can see how our first ikkle foal has all growed up in a year. And then for the rest of the week I'm winging it. So there. I have a problem hero to deal with!


Christa said...

Hi Trish
New fan here.Started The Bridal Bet last night and am about half way through. Love the friendship to lovers theme. Gotta get back to the book. Gotta see what happens next.

Trish said...

Hi Christa! And welcome!!!

Ahhhh Molly and Ryan. They'll always always always have a special place in my heart... I hope you enjoy the rest of the story! I LOVE that people are still picking it up!!!!

I'm just now revisiting the friends to lovers theme... I might need reminding how I did it last time...hmmmm...