Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Rescued: Mother-To-Be Reviews

Eventually - as promised - some of the reviews for Rescued: Mother-To-Be the book that's out this month is the UK/Ireland/Canada and the USA... And the book that Romantic Times chose as a TOP PICK for April! (Still so chuffed about that you know...)

Anyhoo, if your remember Romantic Times had this to say:

"Trish Wylie's Rescued: Mother-to-Be (4.5) has it all -- great dialogue, a solid plot and excellent characters. This one's a keeper."

Next up we had a review from the very lovely Marilyn Shoemaker over at The Pink Heart Society Reviews:

"Rescued: Mother-To-Be is intense, sensual and full of heart. I personally fell in love with Inisfree and Ireland. This is truly a love story with a happy ending!"

Then over to Coffee Time Romance who said:

"Rescued: Mother-To-Be is a sweet romance that is a pleasure to read. I enjoyed reading about Eamonn coming to terms with his feelings for Inisfree and Colleen. The descriptions of Ireland and Inisfree were well researched, and I savoured reading them. Ms. Wylie has written a romance that anyone's collection would be enhanced by."

And Once Upon A Romance who said:

"Trish Wylie creates characters that are leery and cautious due to past experiences, characters we can relate to on many levels. Their flaws overshadow what their hearts tell them. After all, it's easiest to play it safe in an effort to protect the most delicate part of the body. The heart."

Aren't they all lovely people?! THANKS TO EVERYONE who took the time to read the book! It's much appreciated!!!

And now to the competition winners!! Correctly answering that Inisfree was the name of the fictional Stud farm in Rescued: Mother-To-Be were: Teresa in Toledo, Ohio - Crystal in Williamsberg, Kentucky and winning a signed copy of the book and some Irish goodies is Jackie in the USA too.... (whose actual location I haven't been sent yet LOL)


The next competition to win a book will run in May for copies of Bride of The Emerald Isle...


Kate Walker said...

I'm so looking forward to reading this one Trish. Never mind Easter Chocolate indulgence -I'm going for book binge and this will be one of them I just hace to wrestle a Spaniard into submission first and then I'll be treating myself

Happy Easter love


Donna Alward said...

It's a fabulous read, Kate.

Trish, congrats on the reviews. I went looking for them and found something of interest, he he he.


Trish said...

Kate is that Spaniard STILL giving you grief??? I've just managed to wrangle my last hero into submission for my Feb08 book so that's unlucky number 13 done and dusted... Thank Heavens!!! Now I have to go play with a new Modx hero... what is it they say about rest and bad people? LOL.

Donna I'm glad I could be of service - MOAH!

Kate Walker said...

Trish - to day the Spaniard gets it! (His HEA) or I die in the attempt! He's going down kicking ans creaming right to the end - who'da thunk it would be so difficult for a guy to say 'I love you'?
But that's men for you

Enjoy your new hero - he sounds like fun

Kate Walker said...

Ok - ok - I meant kicking and *screaming*!!

Can you tell I'm punch drunk with wrestling this wretched man!


Trish said...

LOL Kate to the typo!!!

And I know only too well what it's like! My last romance hero really didn't want to have his POV mentioned AT ALL. It made for a very one-sided story for a while... But thankfully all the angst was worth it in the end. We have to keep on telling ourselves that in some kind of chant don't we???

Looking forward to having you online again!

CrystalG said...

Thank you so much for the book. :)

Trish said...

You're welcome Crystal!!! Hope you enjoy it!

Easter and life in general has kept me busy this week so books will be winging their way across the Atlantic tail end of this week...

jackietoo said...

Woo Hoo! I'm a winner! Thanks so much, Trish. I'll be emailing you my info. BTW, I'm in Tennessee :D