Tuesday, May 29, 2007

And Now An Interview With Ash

Trish: Glass of wine?

Ash: You have to ask?

Trish: Well girl, I tell ya - you can pick em...

Ash: Oh, I know!

Trish: Don't suppose he's behaving any better than the last time I spoke to him?

Ash: Depends what you mean by 'better'. You kinda gotta admit there's something, well, you know - about a guy who misbehaves some...

Trish: Well, yeah, I get that. But it's not like he's easy is it?

Ash: (laughs) No.

Trish: Well wouldn't you be better off with someone who communicates a little better?

Ash: Make for a short story, wouldn't it? Don't you have, like, 50,000 words or something to fill?

Trish: Well, yes, I do. But part of that is - you know - his side of the story - and he's just not co-operating with me on that front!

Ash: Gimme some time, I'm working on that. And if he was a pushover, to be honest, he probably wouldn't do it for me the way he does. There's just something about the strong, silent type - don't you think? And it's not that he can't use words when he has to - I mean when he -

Trish: (thinking there are some things she really can't put on her Blog) Yes - I'm with ya - but I don't mean words then, I mean when he's talking to you about what he thinks or I'm trying to tell my reader what he thinks -

Ash: (looking surprised) He tells you what he thinks?

Trish: Hell no - That's just the problem!

Ash: So what did he say?

Trish: Well it's not that he would say anything really, it was more of a case of reading between the lines...

Ash: He hates it when I do that. He thinks women make things more complicated than they need to be.

Trish: We do though.

Ash: (shrugging) We mightn't if the men in our lives answered the questions we ask.

Trish: Oh well then you're pretty much stuffed before you start with Gabe then aren't you?

Ash: He didn't used to be like that. We were close once - talked about things - argued them out - it's just, well it's complicated, you know? We knew each other so well for so long and now it's like I still know him - but I don't know him at all - you know?

Trish: (thinking she really should worry that that made complete sense to her) Yeah, I know. But how long can you beat your head against a brick wall?

Ash: (smiling) I can be pretty bloody-minded myself. You'd think he'd know that about me, wouldn't you?

Trish: Honestly? I don't think he trusts you...

Ash: (gazing out of the window while she thinks) Hmmm. I think that's cos I hurt him when I left the way I did eight years ago. He has the memory of an elephant.

Trish: Maybe if you told him why you left the way you did?

Ash: (grimacing) Oh that won't help. That'll just make it worse. Trust me.

Trish: Yeah, but secrets don't help any either. How can he trust you if you won't trust him?

Ash: But that one's not about trust - it's about knowing him well enough to know what he'd have done. I wasn't going to let him mess up his life because of me.

Trish: Maybe he needs to understand that?

Ash: It was eight years ago, it doesn't matter now.

Trish: But if he has the memory of an elephant?

Ash: He just needs time to realize I'm not going anywhere this time and that I've grown up.

Trish: And what happens if he finds out what you never told him?

Ash: (scowling at me) Don't you dare tell him!

Trish: (thinking these two need their heads knocked together!!!) I think you should tell him! I *only* have 50k to work with here!

Ash: (sighs) Just give me some time. I'll get through to him. The Gabe I knew is in there somewhere.

Trish: And what if you don't get through to him?

Ash: I will.

Trish: You do know he thinks that if he was run over by a bus in the next scene that you'd just move on cos that's what you do?

Ash: He said that?

Trish: (nodding firmly) That he did.

Ash: (Downing the remainder of her glass) Oo-hhh... why that stubborn great, blind, useless lump!!! Well if he thinks that then he's a prat. And I obviously still have some work to do. You (pointing a finger at me) better go open that word doc of yours where we live cos he's about to learn that he can't think I'm the same dumb teenager I was when he knew me before! If he'd just once open his eyes and see -

Trish: (stepping well back from the danger zone) Erm - Ash?

Ash: (glaring) What?

Trish: (swallowing hard and pointing) He's behind you...

Dear Blog reader.... Heeeeelllllllpppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jopee said...

LOL Trish! I haven't blog-hopped for a while so I've lost track of what you're working on and your current characters but that interview was funny :) I just finished Rescued btw and it was a gorgeous read. I think I might read Breathless again before I get Rebel... just to get a feel for the Flanaghan boys like ;-)

jackietoo said...

Argh! *pulling hair out* What's her secret?!?

Pst! Be careful, Trish. Things are looking kinda dicey. :D

jackietoo said...

BTW, your slide shows that you're halfway there. I guess that's Ash's side? :D

Trish said...

Glad you enjoyed Eamonn's story - it had horses you may have noticed... ;)
And always good to revisit Rory I feel. Connor however is a very different beast... BUT you do get a bit of an update on Rory and Cara in Connor's book so worth the visit I feel...

Jackie - I'm currently cowering in the corner and lettin em duke it out... Gabe's stood in the door so I'm a tad trapped... And yes - just over halfway now and a great deal of it Gabe *informing* Ash of just how it is - whether she likes it or not... THAT MAN!

Rachael Blair said...

Trish - I love it how you get so real with your characters! I truly think that's my problem, I need to start thinking of them as REAL PEOPLE = obvious hey? Anyway thanks for another enjoyable blog. I have three I check into everyday - and yours is one of them.

Kate Walker said...

Trish?? Kate said hopefully.

I loved the interview - loved the one with Gabe too - can't wait to read the book - I really want to know the secret . . .

But - hey - Gabe - Ash - can you help me here? Trish seems to talk to you and I need her to talk to me.
Can you ask her about a trip over here to visit - pretty please. Just get her to let me know when she wants the Babe Magnet (and me) to meet her at the airport - that's all I need to know.

Come on Gabe - you can do that for me. I know you heroes. awkward so and so's for your authors but pussycats for your readers - and I'm a reader. You can be nice to me.

Ash - maybe you and Gabe could get together on this and work hard - give Trsih a nice 5000 words and then tell her that all Kate needs are 7 or so - just seven!

Like ------ airport at - - - -am on - - --

Pretty pretty please


Donna Alward said...

LOL at Kate.

You do know that you need serious help, right?

I know. Pot calling kettle and all that.

Trish said...

Rach - I tell ya - there's nothing quite like when they become *that* real. The problem is that Gabe is so real and soooooooooo flipping irritating that there are times I find myself avoiding writing just to *spite* him. Serve him right if I just left him hanging!!!

But when they become that real it really does help with the motivation - you know - the why they do the things they do - so if he's being this resistant then I know there's a reason for it - specially when all his friends in the book think he's such a great guy - right? So that makes me want to know WHY he's the way he is with Ash... you get me???

Trish (hangs head with shame) - off to email Kate when she should have checked she'd actually ANSWERED her emails when she THOUGHT she had... It's a wonder I HAVE any friends you know...

And Donna - now you KNOW insanity always likes company... ;)

Kate Walker said...

OK Gabe and Ash, you are now officially my absolute fave Trish Wylie hero and heroine - and I haven't even read your story!

Thanks for getting the message to Trish - I reckon it was you Gabe, threatening not to say aother word until I got the 7 I needed.

Well your naughty author finally wrote to me and I got my answer so you can get back to it now - and go on, Gabe - play nice this time - cooperate - just a little? And Ash maybe you should let him in on that secret???

Thanks guys!

But you do realise that now you have to really start cooperating - cos when Trish comes to visit, I really don't want her bringing you along - nothing personal but - well, you see you're *work* - and we plan on having Fun (with a capital F)


Trish said...


Cos you ain't coming WITH ME!!!!

Fun... FUN... f-u-n??? Nope. Gone. Can't remember what that means - so off to the online dictionary I go...