Sunday, May 20, 2007

An Attempt At Interviewing Gabe...

Trish: So, Gabe, you know the way Alex was so helpful when I was writing his story? I was wondering if there was any chance at all you might help me out a little with yours...? (bats eyelids and pouts)

Gabe: I didn't ask you to tell it.

Trish: Erm, well, no, but -

Gabe: I don't do none of those touchy-feely-emotions stuff the Squirt seems so fine with.

Trish: (mumbling) Yes, well Alex wasn't giving much away either. (he's the squirt you understand dear blog reader) Mind you 'touchy' and 'feely' and a little bit more than that doesn't seem to be something either of you have a problem with, with the right woman...

Gabe: (folds arms)

Trish: (clears throat) It's just that I have this tradition of telling peoples stories from both points of view... and right now you're causing me a few problems with that...

Gabe: So I should just lie down on a sofa while you ask me what the problem is and take notes?

Trish: (thinking about the lying down on a sofa option...mmm...) No, I'm just thinking that maybe if you at least let me know what's going on then I might have an idea why you're behaving the way you are with Ash.

Gabe: She wants to know something, she can ask me.

Trish: And you'd tell her?

Gabe: (shrugs) Depends on what she asks.

Trish: Well, it's just she's tried asking you things and you haven't been that keen to share...

Gabe: And?

Trish: (really understanding why Ash wants to shake him so often) Don't you think you two might get on better if she knew why you were being so... so....

Gabe: So?

Trish: Erm... difficult.

Gabe: (stares)

Trish: It's just that she really doesn't get why you're so different to the way she remembers you. I think it has her a bit confused.

Gabe: (smiles a very small smile)

Trish: (thinks - hang on a minute) Are you trying to confuse her on purpose?

Gabe: Why would I do that?

Trish: (seriously considering writing a scene where the hero is run-over-by-a-bus) Why would you do that Gabe?

Gabe: How many of these things did you say you'd done?

Trish: Fourteen.

Gabe: You'd think you'd know why people do the things they do by now then wouldn't you?

Trish: (thinking about something larger than a bus) Every relationship is different.

Gabe: I'm not in a (unfolds arms to make invisible speech marks) 'relationship' with Ash.

Trish: Now Gabe, that would be a bit of a fib, wouldn't it?

Gabe: That's a good move, 'cos you callin' me a liar is gonna get me to tell you stuff a helluva lot faster, isn't it?

Trish: (closes notepad with a sigh) So if it's not a relationship then what is it?

Gabe: You're the one telling the story, why don't you tell me?

Trish: (really getting a tad irritated by now) Has anyone ever told you, you have problems?

Gabe: (refolding arms) You think? Well I'm not the one chatting to a fictional character, am I?

Trish: You do know I can replace you?

Gabe: You think?

Trish: Ash might be better off with someone who talks to her a bit more.

Gabe: You go right ahead and try to find someone that can play that woman at her own game the way I can. Just keep in mind that I know her better than anyone else.

Trish: (thinking he doesn't maybe know her as well as he might like to think he does) And you'd be okay with her with someone else would you?

Gabe: No, I said you could try to find someone else. I didn't say you would.

Trish: Meaning you would be fine with it if I did?

Gabe: (leaning in a little) I don't think I said that either.

Trish: So let's just say, for the sake of argument, you were run over by a bus in the next scene... She should just, what, pine for you for the next 30,000 odd words?

Gabe: (laughs sarcastically) Ash doesn't pine. She moves on. It's her thing.

Trish: (lightbulb going off over head) So you're saying you don't trust her?

Gabe: (unfolding an arm to waggle a long finger at me) Don't think I don't know what you're doing writer girl.

Trish: What did she do that you don't trust her?

Gabe: We're done here.

Trish: (following him) Yeah, but if you could just tell me what she did...?

Gabe: (still walking away) Why don't you just try reading what you've written?

Trish: Because I've read it like a gazillion times and the most that happens is you give me a line here or there. One line. You're not helping! Don't you want to live happily ever after with Ash?

Gabe: Maybe you should ask her that question. (slams door on way out)

Trish:(shouting through closed door) Fine then! I will!

Dear Blog Reader - is it just me or is this guy... well... isn't he??? I'm just gonna go open a bottle of wine and see if I can get Ash to talk to me...


Nindespin said...

LOL, Trish, I usually lurk, but this was sensational! Excellent way to start a Sunday morning. :)

This interview has opened my newbie writer's eyes on getting to know my characters. Maddness, but lov'n it!

BTW, YUMMY pics of hero...

I love your tips on writing. Thanks so much! Just wondering, did you read any books on the Craft that set the "light bulb off" when you first started? I couldn't find any listed on your website...

Marcy said...

LOVE it, Trish!


Trish said...

Yes but guys... really... ISN'T HE??? Welcome to Planet Trish btw ;)

Ooooh! Oooh!!! Nindespin - I'll be blogging on this very topic later then!!! HA! AHAHAHAHA! Cos did I have a *clue* what I was blogging about up til that point??? Well, not so much.... Watch this space as the saying goes...

And COME OUT AND PLAY MORE OFTEN... Planet Trish has very few inhabitants - a great many of them fictional but VERY goodlooking...I'm all about the scenery me...

Natasha said...

Stop playing and write the darn thing! lol

Gabe's just a little taciturn, 'tis all. And you know you love the strong, silent type ....

Trish said...

Well Natasha - as you well know - I DO like the strong silent type... but there's silent and there's *need to be John Edward to communicate*... Yuh huh...

And this IS WORK for the book! I'm attempting to get my characters to TALK-TO-ME... ;)

Rach said...

Oh Trish, thanks for this.... so wonderful to see your character come alive! Trust me - you obviously know him sooooooooo much better than I know mine! Am off to interview him... Wish me luck

Trish said...

LUCK Rach!!!!

I tell ya - this lot get to be so real for me that when I talk to friends and family they ask about them like they're REAL... Bit like talking about soap opera characters, you know???

But then my friends and family have MET ME and they know the level of insanity... only too well...

People in glass houses I tell them.

Shall try and pin Ash down later in the week...

jackietoo said...
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jackietoo said...

Maybe hypnosis would work for Gabe? Or a little truth serum? Then big was that bus? LOL

Trish said...

Jackie the bus was LARGE very very large - in fact - bigger than that. I'd go so far as to call it a MONSTER bus!

Truth serum.... t-r-u-t-h-s-e-r-u-m.... NO I CAN'T... not in a romance novel... mind you...