Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (3)

Thirteen Hero/Heroine Inspirations
for Trish's books

1. Eddie Cahill - Her Real-Life Hero

2. Jewel Staite - His Mistress: His Terms

3. Nathan Fillion - Her One And Only Valentine

4. Melinda Karakanedes - Her Unexpected Baby

5. Jessie Bradford - Rescued: Mother-To-Be

6. Sandra Bullock - Her One And Only Valentine

7. Colin Farrell - Breathless!

8. Ashley Judd - The Wedding Surprise

9. Kyle Chandler - O'Reilly's Bride

10. Mandy Moore - Project: Parenthood

11. Justin Bruening - The Return Of The Rebel

12. Amy Adams - White-Hot!

13. Eric Bana - Bride Of The Emerald Isle

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