Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things you might find Trish Wylie doing during the day...

1. Talking aloud in an empty room (aka having conversations with my characters or *as* them)

2. Dancing just for the hell of it

3. Taking the mickey outta my neices and nephews (cos that's kinda what they're there for...)

4. Using candles instead of switching on lights

5. Stealing the family dog so I have a *reason* to go walking

6. Pretending I can't *see* my exercise ball

7. Going to an Art Exhibition before sight-seeing

8. Getting in the car to go *somewhere* on a sunny day

9. Turning up the volume to max when favourite songs play

10. Watching horses in the field or stable for ages... just because...

11. Laughing until tears roll down my face over the *stupidest* things

(I think everyone should laugh every day myself...)

12. Cleaning frantically/obsessively having ignored everything while I write (I run on the theory that if I do that it'll all last through the next book - *not true* btw)

13. Bouncing up and down like a 4 yr old during a thunder & lightning storm

(cos I love love love love love them!!!)

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Elle Fredrix said...
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Elle Fredrix said...


Hey Trish! T13 is addictive, so beware.

Numbers 1 and 2 could be me. I'm sure my neighbours think I'm a lunatic. They probably warn their kids about the crazy lady next door. :o)