Thursday, June 14, 2007

Just Cos I Knew You Wanted To See It...

And here's the very first glimpse of my cover for The Firefighter's Chosen Bride - the book formerly known as White-Hot! So what do we think??? It's my first bare chested hero so I have to say I had a moment... ;) But I'll be interested to hear what you guys think...
And just in case you'd forgotten, here's what the reviewers had to say about it:
"Trish Wylie’s spellbinding tale will tickle your funny bone and tug at your heartstrings. Featuring characters which leap off the pages, realistic dialogue, sweet romance, sizzling sex scenes, electrifying sexual tension and dramatic emotional intensity, White-Hot! is feel-good romance at it’s finest!"
Julie Bonello - Cataromance
"From the get-go, Finn is a strong heroine; someone whom the reader will no doubt identify with. And Shane? Even an ice-maiden would melt when faced with this sexy fire-fighter."
Sue - Romance Reviewed
And from fellow authors:
"The banter in this book is hilarious. Since nothing was salvagable from the fire, Finn has to shop for EVERYTHING. Including underwear. Go ahead and read where Shane takes her shopping twice. It's too fun to pass up. Don't let it fool you, this book packs such an emotional punch I wondered how it could possibly work for this couple. But of course, it does, in the most satisfying way possible."
Jenna Bayley-Burke - Modern Extra Author
"White Hot! is a sweet, sexy, sassy romp that will have you laughing and clutching at your heart by measures. Finn and Shane are funny, damaged, and thoroughly contemporary and their romance is soooo believable, and so one you can imagine happening between your best friends"
Ally Blake - Romance & Modern Extra Author
"You owe me for a couple of boxes of Kleenex! I've just bawled my way to the end of White Hot and absolutely loved it. Thank you so much for a great read. "
Margaret McDonagh - Mills & Boon Medicals Author
And maybe if you read the book you can pop by and let us know what you thought as well??? This is a big deal for we Modex authors as this next while the line tests it's toes in the waters of such a big market - so fingers crossed!!!
Meanwhile back here at the ranch I still have more tales from Lincoln and I'm trying my absolute bestest to get Gabe out the damn door before I announce my Writing Contest Winner and do at least another couple of the Book With Series of blogs... And then folks it's PANIC-ABOUT-THE-BIG-TRIP-TIME... *GULP*


Natasha said...

LOL Now that's a very nice cover. I think I prefer 'White Hot' as a title but Bride in the title is very good I'm told!! :)

Donna Alward said...

I bawled at this book BEFORE REVISIONS and I'm so excited I'm FINALLY going to be able to get a "real" copy!

Shane was hot. Really, really hot. And there are some scenes in there that have really stuck in my memory.

Now for some blatant sucking know what I love about your MX's is that you still have your trademark wit AND emotionalism from Romance, all wrapped up in hot sex. That's what the "extra" is for me hon!

Now, I want details of Kate's party.


Rachael Blair said...

Love it! Although in a package I still prefer the Aussie and UK additions... but I'm quite partial to the new title.

Melissa Leavitt said...

Yummy cover! Cannot wait to grab a copy!


Anonymous said...

Great cover Trish! I'm very jealous as I have a hairy ape on my Sept release...!
x Abby Green

Sue aka MsCreativity :-) said...

WOW!!!! I'm with Natasha on preferring 'White Hot' as a title, but, for me, Shane looks HOTTER on this cover and it's great to see Finn too - LOVE IT!!

I agree with Donna - this is a story that's also stuck in my memory - and believe me, that's nothing short of a miracle!!!

Sue :-)

CrystalG said...

Great cover.

Trish said...

You're all LOVELY!!!! I shall keep you all close by for a little long I feel... ;)

I'm just glad so many people enjoyed the book when it came out in the UK and Aus cos it was a bit of a leap of faith as it was written before Modx had even been released so I couldn't *see* what it was all about...

Shane is yummy, isn't he??? And Donna wasn't the only one who cried - it was the first one of my own that I cried when writing!!! Though I did put it down to PMT at the time... :0 LOL.

Here's hoping everyone on that side of the pond likes the line and it goes on to a regular release schedule! Cos - even with Gabe now bound and gagged in a corner while I *FIX* the hole he got me into I still love love love writing them!!!

Now - phases one, two, three and part of phase four of trip all booked and confirmed - back to finish book over weekend I go... and then on to phase five, six, seven... la di da...