Monday, July 2, 2007

A message from Trish

This is Natasha Oakley - and Trish wishes me to tell you that her life is going to pieces. She is currently without internet connection and is extremely 'stressed'. It's a long story and one she had better tell you herself later BUT she wants you to know she is guest blogging over at Kate Walker's blog today.

Kate is celebrating the release of her 50th book, 'The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge', and she's asked her writing friends to come over and play. As part of Trish's contribution to the celebrations she's running a competition asking you to confess who's your favourite 'hot' hero. Apparently this is the equivalent of 'valium' to her and exactly what she needs right now.
So, in expectation that she'll manage to find some kind of connection tomorrow, here's something which may help restore her joy of living:

Well, Richard Armitage always works for me! :)


Ray-Anne said...

No Internet??? The horror, the horror. Hope calm will soon be restored.

Kate Walker said...

RA works for me too - but whether anything would work against the curse of no internet . . . But then again it is Richard Armitage . ..

Don't worry Trish - we'll wait for you! Miss you your input but I hope you'll soon be reconnected.

Kate (shivering at the thought of no internet connection)

Kate Hardy said...

Big hugs, Trish.

When I switched to Broadband I was without internet for half a morning and it drove me crazy.

Hope all's sorted soon.

(And RA is... sigh... lovely.)

Natasha said...

You have such excellent taste, Kate. But where is Trish? I reckon we should be able to lauch our own equivalent of 'Where's Wally?' (Does everybody have those irritating books???)

Well, Trish *should* now be sitting in her hotel room ready for an early morning flight to New York ........

Happy 4th July!

Janet said...

Woofie ate her internet connection?