Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Firefighter's Makes Waldenbook's Best-Sellers List!

It's my first time on the Waldenbook's Best-selling Romance list and I'm gonna take a moment to smile lots - okay??? ;)

What's EVEN BETTER is that ALL FOUR of the first wave of Modern Extra's to hit the USA & Canada are ON THAT LIST and that bodes fantastically well for the future of the line! FINGERS CROSSED. Because the Modx family of writers are just such an enthusiastic bunch of gals and love, love, love writing stunningly gorgeous SEXY heroes and fiesty, sassy heroines for the line! Sigh... Can you blame us???

So KUDOS to the Modx editorial team - YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST and a HUGE CONGRATS to fellow launch month-ers Kate Hardy, Julie Cohen and Kelly Hunter (who got to NUMBER TWO this week!!!!!) May the line go from strength to strength...

Also I wanted to share with you a little bit of the review I got from the very lovely Marilyn Shoemaker about The Firefighter's Chosen Bride... She managed to make me weep with the email she sent me privately and reminded me why I keep doing this job even when I have a GABE... Thankyou my sweet!!!

"This particular book meant a lot to me as my husband was a firefighter for over twenty years and Trish has portrayed the profession and the brave men who choose it in an honest, honourable and believable way. This author has obviously done her research and it showed in this book especially what it means to the man, to the woman he loves, his family and friends. It is a brotherhood of amazing men and women and I thank this author for this amazing story."

You can read the rest of Marilyn's Review at her Review Blog here and if you want to see what everyone else has been saying about the book you can visit The Firefighter's Chosen Bride page on my website where there's also an excerpt and some behind the scenes info...

And to all of you who went out and bought the book to help place it on the Waldenbooks list - THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!!!!


Sue aka MsCreativity said...

WOOHOO!!!!!! That's FANTASTIC news - well done to you and congratulations also to Kate H, Julie, Kelly and everybody else involved in the ModX line! You all ROCK!!!

Sue :-)

Marcy said...

Wow!!! Congratulations, Trish! That's fabulous news! Definitely bodes well for the line.


Ray-Anne said...

I shall retrain immediately as a 'pinkie' and abandon my 'thumb' idle ways.
Fantastic news! Could not be more thrilled for all of you. Ray-Anne

Donna Alward said...

First of all congrats although I've said it already elsewhere!

Secondly Marilyn's review was fab and remember yesterday when I said you were brilliant? That quote she gave hit me and all of a sudden what my heroine needs to do at the end of my WIP became crystal clear.

SO thanks for that babes! And keep going - you're on a roll!


Michelle Willingham said...

HUGE Congrats to you!! What a fabulous accomplishment. Go bask in the moment of glory and enjoy a big smile. :)

Melissa Leavitt said...

Congratulations Trish!
I just finished "The Firefighter's Chosen Bride" and LOVED it. No kidding, it is a truly wonderful book! It made this over saturated and somewhat jaded read C-R-Y!!! It's been a long time and many, many books for me.

Thanks for the beautiful read!

Trish said...


And an EXTRA BIG THANKS to Melissa!!! I'm, SO GLAD you enjoyed it!!! Isn't Shane YUM???