Monday, August 27, 2007

Male On Monday Time

Yup tis that time of the week again - oh the STRESS... and I'm over introducing this fine specimen of hero inspiration at the usual spot on The Pink Heart Society - go shoo - read my highly intelligent observations...

Gabe wung off through the ether on Friday but as it's basically a whole brand new story I fully expect him to waft back on Tuesday... tho I do feel it's a better version than it was before... and I've now decided that if he gets rejected in the end I shall make him an online serial on my site (well maybe) so I don't feel like I'll have thrown away weeks and weeks of my life... (also give you a chance to see how much I can truly suck when given the time to overthink and oversimply to make up for the overthinking)

So the weekend has been spent trying to play catch up at the PHS in preparation for OUR FIRST BIRTHDAY celebrations!!! Can you believe its been a YEAR??? There's soooooo much fun coming up over there but I can't tell yet so you'll just have to pop in and see won't you??? Just to catch up with Janet now and organize the trip to London I have coming up and then I'll be ready to go back in the cave with Gabe again. That damn man!!!!!

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