Monday, October 29, 2007

Paris At Last!!!

FINALLY. We're starting the next page with the brief wrap up of Hong Kong and Dubai and we're IN PARIS. IN AUTUMN. And after a brief little poignant scene that's an echo from an earlier chapter (I'm all about the echoes me...even if readers don't catch them I know they're there... it's a Trishism...) we have the REVEAL of the HUUUUUGGGGEEEEE thing that has been Ronan's conflict from the very beginning and hopefully only a clever reader will have caught - unless the back-blurb wrecks it on me. And then it's off to The Luxembourg Gardens for what I hope will be a very very yummy reconciliation.

Then I have one final whammy for the epilogue...

This story has reminded me why I am and always will be a PANSTER. I was asked for *outside the box* with this one so I went in feeling a little - erm - unhinged.... (and I can hear the tittering from the cheap seats - yes alright then - MORE unhinged than NORMAL - happy now?)

But I had my plot and I had my characters and I had my first foray off the island of Ireland (NOTE TO ALL WRITERS: Round the world in 50k SUCKS on a GLOBAL scale - no pun intended - DO-NOT-DO-IT - you'll want to fit in way way way more than you have room for and then there's the research and then there's the making room for an actual story and then... well - just do yourself a favour, okay???). But what has really caught me offguard in panster-ville this time round is the little details I had NO IDEA would make it into my brain. This is where the fairy dust comes in in my humble opinion - 'cos it's not that I'm that clever - if I was that clever I would remember where I left my keys every time I set them down and I'd know that biting into a pizza straight from the oven is a bad move; specially after the fifty squillionth time I do it. Cheese cooked in the oven seems to have the same melting point as the core of an exploding nuclear weapon. And as cheeze topped pizza is the staple diet in my house - next to microwavable fish pie - around about deadline time this lesson SHOULD have been learned by now I feel!!!

So it's not genius.

Into the cobweb filled corners of my imagination sneaked Kerry's Nana... She started out as Grandmother and only announced herself as Nana three chapters in. And once I'd typed 'Nana' that was that. She's now an integral thread in the story and yet she's NEVER on the page until the epilogue. Can someone please tell me how she became that real then when I don't even know what she looks like??? And a piece of Nana info that came completely outta left field a mere few hours ago is what will make sense of sooooooooooo much in that epilogue. Bless you Nana.

Nana isn't the only thread. And not one of the blessed things were planned. Unfortunately this does mean when the book wings it's way to my lovely Ed - probably tomorrow at this stage - if any of these threads have to go in revisions I'm gonna have to backtrack right to the beginning and work my way the whole way through the damn thing to take them back out again. Mystically channeled moments of genius come at a cost people. BE WARNED.

If you're very good kiddlywinks I might come back when the books away with some nice pics of Nana's wedding dress that Kerry wears - when she marries Ronan in a castle in Ireland... Sigh...
And big shout out to our Ally Blake for assorted Paris and Luxembourg Gardens pics. IS THAT BABY OUT YET????


Donna Alward said...

Hooray for Paris!

Told you you could do this.

I think this one is going to be a good'un. I LOVE outside the box!

Ray-Anne said...

Paris is so wonderful - will they go back there for the honeymoon?

Love that you are a pantser and have something exciting to read and write every day when you get out of your bed, whilst eating morning pizza/fishpie/chocs with one hand and typing with the other.

In fab jammies of course.
With feather down silk slippers.

Ah the fantastic glamerous life of a fiction writer.
LOL Ray-Anne

[typing this in her pjs at silly o'clock]

Ally Blake said...

I can't believe your'e so close! You make the rest of us look lazy!!!

And it was my pleasure supplying you with some pics of Paree. Took me back, made me wanna take a holiday!

And no, am still with child. Sigh...


Trish said...

Donna you ALWAYS have more faith than I do... its why you're leader of the *Hope Team*

Ray-Anne - fellow stupid-o-clocker!!! Actually no - Ronan will be taking Kerry to Kenya for their honeymoon... not that she knows yet ;)

And Ally - STILL????? What about NOW???


Okay what about NOW????