Saturday, December 22, 2007

Still messing about on Trish's blog

Hi all! This is Natasha Oakley. Again!

It would seem Trish's cable has not arrived - which means you get me. So trying to keep up the 'feel' of Trish's blog I have searched out a cat picture which conveys exactly how I'm feeling today. Anyone else completely shopped out????

And then I thought I'd better give you all an activity. So, here is the YouTube of the day.

If the Irish accent beats you I've put a written version of the 'Twelve Days of Christmas letters' over on my blog.

Lots of love

1 comment:

Ray-Anne said...

Love that YouTube = have sent it to various family members.
Thank you for maintaining the high standard of Trish's blog.

Now, this is this question for Trish regarding secondary scene beats in the MidPoint of Act Two where I think SubPlot A should take center stage over the romantic challenge.
Or should I wait until next week?

LOL and have a warm and happy hols.