Thursday, December 27, 2007

Trish is back!

Disaster!!!!!!!!! Trish has her cable. So that's me needing police protection then. I had all kinds of things planned, too. Maybe I'll have to post my research suggestions on my blog ...???????? It all depends on what Trish does now, doesn't it!! But in the hope that I may live to write another day, have a look at the Romantic Times Magazine review of 'Her One And Only Valentine' - out this January!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inheriting an old country house gives Rhiannon McNally a purpose -- and a place to start over with her daughter, Lizzie. Then Rhiannon finds out Lizzie's father, wealthy businessman Kane Healey, owns the property the house stands on. Rhiannon's hated Kane for a decade, thinking he abandoned her while she was pregnant, but Kane never received the letter she left for him. So they both have negative feelings to overcome, for Lizzie's sake. Rekindling their passion is unexpected -- as is falling in love, again. Trish Wylie's Her One and Only Valentine (4) has excellent characters -- particularly the larger-than-life hero. It also has charm and wit to spare.


Now you can have your blog back, Trish!!

With love

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