Thursday, December 27, 2007

Yes I'm Back and with NEWS!!!!

And not just news on what might befall Natasha in the near future either.... ;) Matchmaking for me indeed!!!
FIRST UP the review for Her One And Only Valentine Natasha kindly posted to make nice with me:

Inheriting an old country house gives Rhiannon McNally a purpose -- and a place to start over with her daughter, Lizzie. Then Rhiannon finds out Lizzie's father, wealthy businessman Kane Healey, owns the property the house stands on. Rhiannon's hated Kane for a decade, thinking he abandoned her while she was pregnant, but Kane never received the letter she left for him. So they both have negative feelings to overcome, for Lizzie's sake. Rekindling their passion is unexpected -- as is falling in love, again. Trish Wylie's Her One and Only Valentine (4) has excellent characters -- particularly the larger-than-life hero. It also has charm and wit to spare.

AM CHUFFED TO BITS WITH THAT!!! Have to say the fear never leaves you when it comes to reviews of books... never... I jest not... And as this one is kind of an homage to Pride & Prejudice in my own wee way and is my first ever secret baby/child story I've been pooing myself... THANKYOU ROMANTIC TIMES!!!


Somewhat MIRACULOUSLY for the THIRD YEAR in a row the very very very very LOVELY RT Reviewers have nominated one of my books for an award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This year it's Rescued: Mother-To-Be, which was an RT Top Pick back in April of this year... And if you recall the book I needed lots of help with when it came to questions about pregnancy (which I know absolutely NOTHING about barring the shopping you get to do for new arrivals when friends or family have a little one...cos shopping I can DO) The info my friends gave me... welllll.... Natasha wasn't wrong when she said it scared me a tad...

And just to complete my hat-trick of good news we have another nomination and this one is just as exciting for me because it's something VERY NEW for we Harlequin authors.

2007 saw the introduction of all Harlequin books to the ebook market and because of that we are now eligible to enter contests that up until now we couldn't.... so feeling a little brave I entered the EPPIE contest for the first time...

Aaaannnndddd Bride Of The Emerald Isle has finalled in the Contemporary Romance Category!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I should go offline more often really.... You can read a full listing of the RT Reviewers Choice Award Nominees HERE - Big shout out to PHS friends Ally Blake and Natasha Oakley for their Nominations too!!! And you can read a full listing of the EPPIE Award Nominees HERE....


Ally Blake said...

Welcome baaaaaccckkk!!!

Congrats on the award noms and the lovely review and kudos for being brave enough to give your blog over to Ms Natasha, who I thought held up her end admirably, if you can take that in a nice way ;).

Happy hols my sweet!

Nicola Marsh said...'re back!
Missed you!!!

And congrats on all your fab news :)

Liz Fielding said...

Congratulations on your nomination, Trish! Fab news. And welcome back!

Kate Walker said...

Welcome back Trish! I've missed you

And Congratulations on the nominations - wonderful news


Melissa Leavitt said...

Wonderful news!!! Congratulations! :)