Thursday, January 31, 2008

Grazia Magazine!!!

Well since February is pretty much upon us be prepared to see lots and lots of my favourite cover all over the place this next while ;) And don't be the least little bit afraid to come tell me if you see it anywhere in case I miss one... which I did with my feature interview in the Belfast Telegraph here this week. Typical me.

So here we are, Her One And Only Valentine in GRAZIA MAGAZINE with lots of lovely goodies for the big day! And trust me when I tell you to WATCH THIS SPACE around the big day... too much FUN I tell ya!


Natasha said...

A 'slushy novel', our Trish????? I must have read the wrong book.

BTW, I have made it clear how much I hate you for that fab cover, haven't I?

Donna Alward said...

I'm right with you, Natasha! It's wayyyy too beautiful.

And look at you, Ms. Media Frenzy. Holy wowie!

Trish said...

You have Natasha. Duly noted yet again. Can't say I'm sorry. Coz Im not. I LOVE THAT COVER!!!

LOL Donna. Yuh huh. C'est MOI.