Monday, January 7, 2008

Moomins And Other Stuff

Well it does say Writing and OTHER ASSORTED forms of insanity...

And you can thank Natasha for this one for a wee change. Cos all of this came out of a typo on MSN Messenger when Natasha, Ally and I were helping each other with our current WIP's... Natasha typed that her heroines momin a wheelchair. I of course said every book should have a Moomin in a wheelchair. Ally then needed to know why it was in a wheelchair. I googled a pic to explain its cos they have such short legs... Bit Moominist I know - but you just have to look at them. Mind you - I did also mention how cute they are. I WANT ONE.

Yes folks welcome to the world of Romance Writers.
See now you thought we spent every hour of every day talking about books and googling hot heros and trawling Youtube for theme tune music and bemoaning deadlines and discussing changes to lines and working through plot problems, didn't you? Well - okay, fair enough - we do a lot of that. It's a wonder we have time to write really. But just very very occasionally - as a treat for our hard work - we have five minutes play time. This was one such moment. And hence a blog was born...

Because I naturally HAD to blog on this. And what it did was take me on a bit of a trip down memory lane. I can remember a time when I loved Moomins. I even love the word Moomin. It's one of those deliciously stupid words that makes you smile when you say it. Go on - TRY. Remember to do it with different inflections and different speeds to get the full effect. Never let it be said I don't attempt to put a smile on your face on a Monday morning. You can thank me later.

And to increase your blogging pleasure I'm providing a slew of my favourite childhood programming so you can see how many you recognize... No prizes for how many mind you. But what it might also do is make you think about the ones you used to watch when you were a kid. Any of these? Were we viewer buddies from way back? Huh? Huh???
For me - they range from the earliest ones when I actually kept quiet for a while so my Mother could do other stuff - and then there are the really obscure ones that its pathetic I can still remember the name of to Google for pics of them. (nice to know my random ability to retain useless pieces of information started at a really early age... you'd be surprised the questions I can answer... just ask Ms. Oakley!)
I even found a pic of a cartoon that I've been arguing black and blue for years now REALLY DID EXIST. Problem is,
when you start to discuss a dog that helped hunt ghosts but became invisible when he was scared leaving only his collar visible - people have a tendency to tell you to get off the heavy medication. Thanks to researching for this blog I HAVE VISIBLE PROOF that it was real. So to those who doubted me... and you KNOW who you are... I am going to be mature... and say nah nah ne nah nah. Ha!
The industrial sized SKIP that is my brain KNEW it was real. I am also now seriously investigating that time in my teens when the doctor said I sleep walked and I argued you aren't asleep when your eyes are OPEN and you REMEMBER everything you did!!! I may have been medicated wrongly. Mind you - all that night walking may have been an early sign of the one thing that most of my MSN buddies think I should be burned at the stake for... Ask them when they visit if you don't know what I mean... Natasha reckons its the reason I can write so fast when I get going... As you may recall I like to put it down to guilt myself. Late book = GUILT = increased productivity = sleep for a week afterwards. Add chocolate and a daily visit to hug my horse and it's pretty much my life in a nutshell that formula.
So COME ON, How many of these do you recognize??? And if you've got any of your own from the annals of time - Blog 'em - leave me a note in the comments - and I'll come visit and see if the random information for them is in my head too. HAPPY MOOMINDAY.


Natasha said...

I went back to work and left them to it!!!! Five children means this is all fairly recent tv viewing for me. Definitely overdosed!

And, yes, in times gone by Trish WOULD have been burnt at the stake. Living alone ... All those cats .... Working at night .... With NO NEED TO SLEEP ... I ask you, is that natural??????????

May I also say, Trish, while she can find you a difficult website on constellations with ease, is not so good on questions about Arabia. It's really been quite disappointing. In fact, her usual response is a little sniggering dog, sometimes three of them, which I take to mean she's glad the world of sheikhdom has fallen to me. :)

Anonymous said...

what about the smurfs, and fraggle rock??? got to be the greatest stuff ever...... you know that blue house near you, i think thats where the smurfs have retired to...

Ally Blake said...

You're a nut!

And I used to looove the Wombles.

"The Wombles of Wimbeldon la la la la..."


jackietoo said...

I recognize
Hong Kong Phooey,
Number one Super guy.
Hong Kong Phooey
Faster than the human eye!

And the guy with the strange looking dog looks familiar but I can't come up with the name.

Other than that, I think we have different shows on this side of the pond. :D

Kate Hardy said...

Trish, HOW could you forget Pipkins? And Rainbow, with Zippy and Bungle?

(I will admit that they're fresh in my memory because of my husband and his brother looking them up on YouTube and finding, um, things like Postman Pat being naughty...)

Thanks for the smile. I need it this week.

Trish said...


The Postman Pat is now indelibly etched onto my brain even WITHOUT the visit to youtube - so THANKS FOR THAT KATE darling!

And all worthy additions to the childish things hall of fame I feel ;)

The dog? That would be the show no-one would believe existed; GOOBER AND THE GHOSTCHASERS...

Ahhhhh the good old days.

Liz Fielding said...

Bagpuss! The mouseorgan! Professional Yaffle... Take me back to my childhood. Or at least my children's childhood.

I used to tell myself that it was good interaction time sitting with them and sharing their programmes, but honestly...

And as for Jackanory...