Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Writer's Workshop in March

Want a weekend break with a little added inspiration thrown in for good measure?
Then I may just have the very thing for you...

On March 8th in Killiney, Dublin I will be joining fellow Irish author Abby Green who writes for the Modern/Presents line and - wait for it - MILLS AND BOON EDITOR Jenny Hutton for the FIRST EVER Mills & Boon writing workshop in Ireland!!! (We think...)

This is a HUGE opportunity for you to come along and ask all about writing for Mills & Boon, discovering the differences in the imprints and learning the methods Abby and I use to create our stories.- AND in what will I'm sure will be an informal and FUN day.

AND before you go talking yourself out of it - it's not that expensive!!!

The cost of each seminar includes writing materials, tea, coffee, and a light lunch and local B&B's start as low as 45 to 50 EUROS per night! So with flights to Dublin so cheap these days as well you could treat yourself to a lovely AND educational weekend without having to eat rice for weeks...

Come on. You know you want to.
You can get more information and book your place at The Inkwell Writers Website



Donna Alward said...

You, And Abby, And Jenny.

Yes, I think FUN might be a foregone conclusion!

Sue said...

i'm really interested in this workshop, but wondering am i the right person to go. I've a story, characteres, background, soundtrack all lined up... but in my head.... I'm sure the other participants will all have reams of paper ready to wave around! Would I be better to do a workshop after i've a few chapters done?

Trish said...

Sue - Hi!

Actually the stage you're at is nigh on perfect for it imho. Not that having some words on the page is a bad thing either you understand ;) But sometimes I think doing a course or a workshop at the planning stage can save you a lot of time in the long run - cos rather than having to go back and go through the heartbreak of ripping out loads of stuff - you can change your mind and rethink things before you get going.

Also this will be a great one for learning about the business end of things - like the lines and the process of subbing and what the editors do et all.

Would LOVE to see you there! And if you DO go make sure and say you popped by the blog!!! ;)