Sunday, February 3, 2008

First Release In India

One of the most exciting things for me this month is the fact that I'm one of two authors helping release the Mills & Boon Romance line into India!!!
Because for the Romance line we have:

Her One And Only Valentine
Rescued By The Sheikh by Barbara McMahon

HOW COOL!!! And since I have several visitors from India to the website and Blog each week its FANTASTIC to be able to say HI properly ;) (picture me waving here)

For anyone who doesn't know, this is a HUGE market that has never been *officially* sold into. Though Mills And Boon as a brand have something like 96 odd % product recognition there - more than Coca Cola!!!!! Why?! Well you may indeed ask why. And me being me with my natural curiosity and the ability to hold information in my skip of a brain while forgetting everyday *simple* stuff, means I can tell you WHY.

It's cos we've been sending them *books* from the UK for decades.

'Hang on Trish didn't you just say they'd never been there before?'

Yes indeed darling blog reader - I did say that - kinda. We've never OFFICIALLY done it before this month. You with me? What we did is - no, wait. Lemme go back a step. You know in the UK and everywhere else for that matter the books have a limited shelf life - yes? Yes. So what happens to whats left when the books come to the end of that shelf life? Welll... several things. I've heard reports of them even being used as part of the land fill for motorways at one point.(along with other paper products I might add) BUT what I CAN CONFIRM happened for a long, long time - was the covers were removed and they were shipped in containers to India, where they were sold in the penny markets for years and years. Hence not only being *green* as there's less waste but also building up a readership AND that fantabulous brand recognition that money just can't buy...

But it makes sense that we're launching there *properly* now when you think about it. And in a recent article in The Times Online part of the reason was touched on by Andrew Go, the man leading the new branch of the company into India;

“India is crazy about true romance,” Andrew Go, the head of the Indian operation, said. “Look at the basic Bollywood plot: boy meets girl; conflict; happy ending. We carry across that trend. We say we sell four books a second, Actually it’s 4.4. If I can take that to five, I’m a hero.”

And he's right, isn't he? I LOVE Bollywood movies I have to say. To me, they hark back to the classic Rogers and Hammerstein movies I was raised on as a child with big song and dance numbers and happily ever afters.

So it's very exciting to be part of the line up of books launching officially TOMORROW. Especially when you consider there's - are we sitting down for this folks??? - a STAGGERING 300 million English-reading consumers!!! My poor wee head can't even get round that figure without going into meltdown. Especially considering my ENTIRE COUNTRY has just over 3 million occupants...

Here's hoping even a teeny percent of those readers take to the books and here's to all the potential writers we have coming our way from India too! It's a VERY EXCITING YEAR all round! To find out what other books are available in this launch month you can go to the brand shiny new Mills And Boon India site here.

Now back to the cave for me. Especially seeing as my deadline is like - you know - tomorrow - and then I have to get ready for the glamorous cocktail party in London... (STILL no dress!!!)

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