Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Sun Trish Wylie Exclusive!!!!!


And I'd have had this up yesterday if I'd have
known it was gonna be in the Monday edition...darn it!...so apologies if you're in the UK & Ireland and you missed it but some copies might still be floating around...tho not in my local vicinity cos my Mom bought them all ;)

You may remember these pics I posted recently of characters I named Lauren and Jake (how I saw them anyhoos...) and you may remember I told you it was a super secret thingie I couldn't talk about.... welllll....I couldn't talk about it cos it was AN EXCLUSIVE. How INSANE is that??!! I've never had an exclusive anything before so I may have to admit that I've finally arrived in glamorous author land mightn't I?

I got the call way back before the party in London that national newspaper The Sun was going to run a short story as part of the centenary celebrations so you can imagine how thrilled and
NERVOUS I was about the writer being me. It's never been done before with this paper and I've never done a short story before so a challenge? Yes indeedy!!!
Spec I was given? No more than 1500 words and Modern Heat voice and a link to The Sun. Hmmm...
I had a think about it for a couple of days. Found these lovely pics from my collection. Named them. Did all the usual things I do when I'm thinking up a new story. And then - in a momentarily flash of inspiration decided to make the link to The Sun their daily Mystic Meg horoscope. It all came together after that. Thank heavens!!! Mind you - can't tell you how much I want to write the book to go with it now...
I have to say one of the biggest parts of the challenge to me was the length as I'm used to considerably more words to play with. Short story writers everywhere have renewed respect from me now! It's an art unto itself. And it taught me just how much time I normally spend setting up my characters on the page. But it was FUN to do and thanks to the help of my lovely editor, who wouldn't let me waste a SINGLE WORD, it's something I'm really very proud of...

AND I got to meet some of the gals from The Sun at the Centenary party in London and we all had a gossip about writing and Mills & Boon type heroes over champagne. They loved the story and apparently it not only made its way around the entire office in a matter of minutes, it also helped them make the final decision to run a WEEKS WORTH of features on the company - so I can't WAIT to see what else is coming up!!! And I was relieved beyond words that they'd all enjoyed what I'd done for them. I mean - as they kindly pointed out to me - it's 3 MILLION readers. 3 MILLION. 3... nope STILL doesn't compute. Scary.

If you read the story in The Sun and would like to leave a comment then I'd love to hear from you - whether you're a Mills & Boon reader or not! Though hopefully if you're not and you've made it this far you'll see that a lot of the criticisms about Mills & Boon being old fashioned are nonsense. They're a fun read, they're pure escapism and they have that guaranteed smile that comes with a bar of chocolate or a nice warm bubble bath. Trust me ;)
Oh and just so you can see it here's the mock up cover that was made to go with it. It didn't get used in the end but I'm not complaining - the very fact I had the centre pages of the newspaper with that large a circulation was THRILL ENOUGH!!! I've had one HELLUVA year so far!

A HUGE HUGE THANKS to the gals at The Sun and my lovely editor Jenny and Alex at Midas who made this such a fascinating and challenging project for me to do and to the gang in the offices who believed in me. Oh and to Mystic Meg of The Sun for giving me the spark of inspiration to tie it all together ;)

So there ya go - Super Secret Thingie Revealed! And on a day when I really, REALLY needed something nice as we had to lose another of our beloved equine friends. Biscuit, we'll miss you wee darlin.


Ally Blake said...

Oh yay Trish! What a great story. Ah, more please???


Kate said...

Wow! Well done! That's awesome...any chance it'll be available on their website for non UK readers?
And sorry to hear about Biscuit.

Trish said...

LOL Ally - MORE????? You want MORE??? Sheesh. THE PRESSURE.

I hope so Kate - I've been checking it every day so as soon as I find anything I'll link right back to it. And I can't WAIT to see what else they do this week ;) Thanks for Biscuit. He was an absolute darlin - kids pony and taught manys a neice and nephew what it was all about. They're all gutted. But when a liver goes there's very little you can do about it. Horrible, horrible, horrible decision to have to make tho. Am still very low about it. And he was in Katie's stable so of course am now petrified to put another animal in there...

Now off to buy todays Sun to see about this best-selling author they mentioned... ;)

Michelle Styles said...

Oh ooray. I shall have to ask my in laws if they saw it.

You are really going places!

Kerri Williams writer of romance said...

seeing how well you have done builds the hopes in all us writers.
i only hope i could experience such success. Well done.
happy writing

Donna Alward said...

Yay Trish! FINALLY! And it's lovely.

Aren't you a mover and shaker these days??!!!

Ray-Anne said...

You must be incredibly thrilled to have your work published in a national newspaper.

You now have official permission to polish your tiara and wear it around the horse yard, scaring small children and dogs.

So sorry to hear about your horse. You are being very brave.

I think cake is called for. Choc. With icing and a gold smartie on the top aka Nigella. And maybe washed down with a dram.
Just to celebate you understand. :-)

Natasha said...

Ah, Trish, that's horribly sad news about Biscuit. Loving is really painful, isn't it.

And I bought the Sun. Was proud of you. Might even send off for the free book. :)

Donna Alward said...

Natasha, I'd laugh if you got one of your own.

Nicola Marsh said...

Yay Trish, you star!!!

And hugs on Biscuit. (( ))

Sue said...

TRISH!!! You have got to WRITE THE BOOK - you can't leave us not knowing what happens next...can you?

Sue xx

And, I was true to my email, I finished this morning's writing before I allowed myself to read your delicious story. :-)

Janet said...

This is so exciting. I can't seem to find a copy of Monday's Sun. Will you be able to post the story on your website , or did you sell the copyright?

Kate said...

Woo hoo! Thanks for the online link...I'm off to have a read :-)

Trish said...

Michelle LOL dunno about that. Am still holed up in the cave slaving away over a hot keyboard. But it does seem I have more than the one personality now ;)

Kerri!!!!!! What a LOVELY LOVELY thing to say! You keep at it you hear??? Wasn't that long ago I was where you are right now. And I think everyone should dream big - the bigger the better in fact. Cos without dreams... x x x

Donna well yes when I move I do shake. But I think that's maybe got as much to do with the two to four excess pounds per book myself and ROFL at the idea of Natasha ending up with a copy of her OWN book. Fear not folks I shall out her if she does. You can rely on lil ole me...

Ray-Anne I AM incredibly proud!!! Its still a tad surreal tho?! But am chuffed with how it turned out. Really, really am. And who says I need a tiara to scare animals??? LOL. Tho as tot he brave - not so much. Have had a horrible couple of days. Swings and roundabouts, right? Cake either way methinks.

Natasha tis. And ta babes! As always!!! Now don't forget to let us know what book you get ;)

Nic! Hi hun! And thanks! On both counts!!! Hugs and kisses to bubs from moi.

Sue CANNOT BEGIN TO TELL YOU HOW MUCH I WANT TO!!! I went and thought out a synopsis and everything! So if I get the nod then shall let you know. Promise. And you're a very good girl to have done your wordcount first. SWOT. Hugs and usual generalized sloppy stuff headed your way my darlin.

Janet as Kate has discovered there is now a link at the top of the blog and one on the website too. Not sure about the rights of posting it on a seperate page and it's as handy to send everyone their way ;) Hope you both enjoy it!!!

And THANKS EVERYONE for the LOVELY comments!!!!

Aideen said...

Hi Trish,

Bit late on leaving my two cents but for some reason the old pc has been playing up lately.

Anyway, so sorry to hear about your pony. And while I must say that from a small age my own mother drummed 'everything happens for a reason' into me, its crap to be reminded of that when something sad happens. I'm sure you'll laugh and cry for a bit yet, but shor what harm?

And Monday was the one and only time I didn't give my hubbie a hard time over buying The Sun. Of course, I don't really mind that page three exists because I'm mature and sensible etc...but nevertheless...

You had no right whatsoever to do that to us, your fans. Get straight back to the keyboard and finish that story. By the weekend. I'm serious. I absolutely have to know how their HEA comes about.

Stop everything else, I'm losing sleep wondering!!

All the best,

LASR Admin - Romance Reviews said...

So... you're not excited or anything, are you?

Trish said...


Aideen - well you see I WOULD but I have a prior engagement this weekend ;) Can't go missing out on that now can I?

And lasr - WELCOME TO THE INSANITY! And...erm...yes... possibly just a tad ;)