Monday, April 21, 2008

Romantic Times Award

My second secret of the year can now be revealed seeing the Romantic Times Conference is over and the news is out. Yes - we won an award! I LOVE RT! This is my second Reviewer's Choice Award (The Bridal Bet won Best First Series Romance in 2005) and this one is doubly as sweet cos it means the first one possibly wasn't a fluke ;)

So this time we have won the Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award for Best Harlequin Romance of 2007 with Rescued: Mother-To-Be which was a Top Pick back in April of last year... I'm CHUFFED and it's a much needed boost about now...

Which brings me to my absence of late. Now. You know how much this blog and my blogaverse friends mean to me... so how honest do you want me to be here??? Many, many writers keep blogs these days and we share all our good news with you and info on the books we're working on and where we are on the net and public appearances we do... we share tips and talk hot heroes... we let you know what we've been at when we've been on trips and what we're planning et all. BUT we do, as my good friend Kate Walker says, smile from the wrist down. So do you want the low points too is the question? In my experience angst and depression on the net tends to have a viral effect - and lets face it we all come to the net for a little distraction from those things, don't we?! So I'll leave it to you guys. If you want the lows as well then you can let me know and we'll talk about it and maybe share ways to get through it. If not I'm fine with that too. Let's just say 2008 is proving a testing time for me. And that writing isn't a walk in the park. And that being published, no matter how many times, doesn't mean it suddenly gets easier. In fact - its the opposite.

Your call gang. Maybe a little group therapy would help others to know they're not alone? I dunno. But I do know a bottle of wine with the gals and a long talk and some joking about always helped me with every other form of angst in my life. We gals do that, don't we? But you've met me - so you know if I do this it may well be looooonnngggg and involve lots of discussion and thought. So think long and hard about how much you want to know about a writer's life and whether or not you prefer the smiling from the wrist down approach... I know the one thing that has helped this last while has been visiting other blogs and smiling at what folks are up to. BUT if it weren't for the fact I can talk to other writers about how I've been feeling I'd have felt very alone this last few months. Like I say - your call.

I haven't forgotten that the lovely Shirley Jump has tagged me. Shall do that later this week...
And do pop over and visit the fabulously lovely Liz Fielding and my great pal Natasha Oakley who were also honored by Romantic Times last week - the lovely Liz for a Career Achievement Award and Natasha for Best Presents - CONGRATS LADIES!!! (and I use the term lady for Natasha loosely you understand....)

Now - must go and change my blog password before that gets answered...

Thursday, April 10, 2008


So there I am with a comfortable lead on Jenna in the Word-count War and I go off for a wee bit of a snooze and I get up just before 5AM to get going again and I turn on the comp and make a cup of tea. When I come back with cup of tea the comp has kindly updated itself with a microsoft update and is restarting itself. Only it doesn't. It gets stuck. And eventually I turn it off. But when I turn it back on it won't. I mean really really WON'T. I can't get past the WE APOLOGIZE page.


And no-one else is UP. So I have to wait three odd hours for people to get up so I can panic properly. Why-oh-why is it ALWAYS when you haven't updated to your back up pen that this stuff happens. Five days work possibly lost???? New book disappeared into the ether??? Research notes gone??? I FREAKED.

Laptop went to computer hospital first thing in morning while I suffered the anxiety of seperation. MY LIFE is in that thing. By lunchtime I have the christmas tree down and have hoovered behind all the furniture and cleaned windows and rearranged ornaments... living room is lovely now btw. And by mid afternoon we know it wasn't a virus but a fault with the microsoft update!!!! Needless to say now have external hard drive and are backing up EVERYTHING regardless.


So I left them here:

Going to here:

Where he was feeling like this:

And she was a bit like this:

And even with the computer woes we managed to creep up a little but Jenna is OF COURSE now in the lead!!!

10490 / 50000 words. 21% done!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

There is a God ...

... and he loves Jenna!

Natasha Oakley here to let you know Trish's laptop has died! I know all about the angst of that. Currently she's having the book 'sucked' out of the virus ridden thing. I'm sure she's swearing and I hereby promise not to raise an eyebrow in condemnation. Kinda okay today I reckon.

Tip: Probably better not to leave a comment mentioning the need to save every thirty seconds .....

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Word Count War Day Five

9790 / 50000 words. 20% done!
Things I've had to research for this book so far:
Kerouac Quotes
Voltaire Quotes
Bruce Springsteen Quotes
Aircraft call signs
Measurement of IQ's
History Of Martha's Vineyard
Basics of flying
Newton's Theories
How Stock Exchanges Work
Tower ID's for flights from Mass to NY
Distances in miles and journey times by land and air from Chicago, Boston and NY to Martha's Vineyard...
Shakespeare Quotes
Keats Quotes
History of shipping in Nantucket Sound
Alzheimers Disease
How to play Chess
Great Expectations Quotes
and we're not even a quarter of the way in yet...
Wonder how our Jenna is getting along? In fairness she's had baby showers left right and centre and kids homework and the like I haven't... bit unfortunate really ;)
Oh and we're listening to: Goo Goo Dolls - Stay With You

Friday, April 4, 2008

Word Count War Day One

1847 / 50000 words. 4% done!
Slow start due to editorial stuff I had to do for Book from Hell that SOLD! Apparently there is a writing God... Wonder how Jenna is getting along...
Each day you'll get pics from the scene I'm working on. Feel free to comment on what you think might be going on... ;)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

We Interrupt This Hiatus...

To announce that to get out of the current writing slump and general depression we are going TO WAR
Two Modern Heat books~ Two authors ~ Two weeks!!!
Yes you read that right. Currently my deadline for this book is two weeks away. I don't want to move it back. My current record stands at three weeks. Can I beat that record???
My book's working title is The Devil And The Deep Blue word count is currently zero... The battle commences tomorrow... WHO WILL GET THERE FIRST?

0 / 50000 words. 0% done!


And in the meantime here's the theme tune from The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea