Friday, May 2, 2008

A Bad Boy? Me?!

Yes I'm here. I've had enough of my name being taken in vain. So you can take all the girlie scatter cushions and whatever other frilly nonsense there is in here and get it gone. Things are about to change.

I'm Gabriel Burke. You can call me Gabe.

And the first thing we need to talk about is the title of my story. Oh yeah, it's mine. I helped blondie plenty when she was writing it. I hung around and read over her shoulder. I pointed out when she was wrong. And I had better things to do with my time you know. I never asked her to poke her nose in my personal life in the first place, did I? What is it with you women and all the questions anyway?

Now - Claimed By The Billionaire Bad Boy. What's with that? Not that the picture on the cover isn't a pretty fair representation of how I look but what's the deal with the bad-boy label? I don't get it. Cos I'm a good boy. A VERY good boy. Though boy isn't exactly accurate either. I'm 6ft 4 for cryin out loud. And in my thirties. I left boyhood behind a long, long time ago. The claimed part is right - I know what's mine. Billionaire? Close enough. I do okay. But bad boy? I'm not convinced. An angel - nah. Not so much. But what's the big deal with the bad-boy tag? It's one of those things women get but men don't, isn't it?

Now let's talk about this stuff on the back cover. It's like a movie trailer, right? Right. Let's just take a look...

Revenge is a dish best served red-hot, passionate and delicious!

Heiress Ashling Fitzgerald has come home, determined to prove that she’s changed. Secretly she wants to make amends – with the tall, dark housekeeper’s son she left behind. But he’s not the boy she once knew – Gabriel Burke is now an infamous billionaire playboy!

Gabe thinks Ashling is spoilt and selfish – but still oh-so-sexy. He doesn’t want her apologies. Instead he wants her in his bed; he wants revenge…

But, once he gets it, Gabe can’t believe he is still so hungry for more…


The revenge part? Yup - agree with that. S'pecially when it comes to this woman. She's a piece of work. I know her. I've known her since she was in nappies. There was a time we were friends - the three of us; Me, Alex and Ash against the world. But things change. And you wanna peg the trouble tag on someone then lemme give you a clue - it isn't me. I've made a life for myself since Princess Fitzgerald had to flee the Emerald Isle. I've worked hard. So if she thought she was walzing back in here to cause trouble again then she had another thought coming.

Now let's see what blondie wrote about the night the princess came home;

They surveyed the room in comfortable silence for a few minutes while Gabe forced himself not to look for Ash in the crowd again. What she got up to wasn’t his problem anymore; he didn’t need to keep tabs on her.

Then Alex helped no end by asking, “You seen Ash?”

“Talking to your cousin Richard,” And he’d known that a tad too quick, hadn’t he?

“I meant since she got home.”

Course he did. Gabe pursed his mouth for a second; rolling the couple of olives he had left in his hand back and forth before he shrugged, “Nope.”

“Looking well tonight, isn’t she?”

Well wasn’t the word Gabe would have used. Hot would have been more accurate if he’d chosen to be honest. Because that’s how she looked to anyone who didn’t know what lay beneath that beautiful exterior. Gabe knew. And she could be as hot as the face of the sun and he still wouldn’t think she was worth the trouble she’d brought his way last time.

Didn’t stop his gaze from straying across the room again as she lifted a fine-boned hand to tuck her sleek hair behind one ear though, did it?

Alex continued, “She’s fired up about this Gallery of hers. You should tell her you’re doing the renovation work on it – that’ll get you both talking again.”

No hurry necessary with that one Gabe felt, and he wouldn’t even have taken on the job if it weren’t for the fact Alex had asked him to as a personal favour, “She’ll find out soon enough.”

Alex nodded, “I know you rarely take on the physical part of it these days. And just in case I haven’t mentioned it already - I appreciate it. The family is keen to have her stay home this time so the sooner the place is up and running the better.”

Gabe shrugged again, “Be a good chance to make sure I can still do the work. No good yelling at crews when they mess up if I haven’t lifted a power tool in years.”

“The benefits of being the boss old pal.” Alex grinned as he patted his shoulder.

Some days it didn’t feel like much of a benefit to Gabe, but he didn’t say that to Alex, ‘cos Alex probably wouldn’t get it. He’d always worked at what Gabe considered the ‘clean end’ of the business. An Architect might get the satisfaction of seeing his visions come to life but there was nothing quite like building something, literally, as far as Gabe was concerned. Childhood building blocks, only bigger, Alex would rib him – but meet and greet and make the deals just didn’t have the same sense of satisfaction Gabe would argue back. He was a hands-on kinda guy.

“Your parents are headed for your girlfriend.”

He chuckled as Alex disappeared, then settled back to watch the rich and famous interacting in their natural habitat - wondering how they all managed to look so at home in their fancy clothes with their glasses of expensive bubbly while he still had a deep seated urge to loosen his bow tie, dump his jacket over the back of the nearest chair and go find a bottle of beer. A reflection of his background he supposed.

Still, at least while he stood on the periphery he didn’t have to make small talk; that was something.

But the peace and quiet didn’t last long. The hair at the back of his neck tingled in warning first, his spine automatically stiffening when a familiar melodic voice sounded right beside him in tones that somehow went straight from his ears to his groin,

“I thought I saw Alex with you.”

“You did.”

“Do you know where he went?”

He could hear what almost sounded like an edge of nervousness in Ash’s voice, and a single glance from the corner of his eye confirmed it. She couldn’t look him in the eye, could she? Score one to the home team then.

Turning, he leaned against the door frame, folding his arms across his chest, “And I’m s’posed to keep an eye on all the Fitzgerald children now, am I?”

Her hazel eyes narrowed a little when she glanced up at him, “Picking up where we left off are we?”

“I’m just not as easily fooled by this new version of you as the rest of the room appears to be, that’s all,” He leaned his face closer to hers, his voice lowering, “but then I know you better, don’t I?”

She faltered for a second before clamping her lips together and glancing around the room. Then she stepped in closer, the scent of her expensive perfume teasing his nostrils as she lowered her voice the way he had, looking up at him from beneath long lashes,

“You know the old me. But I’m not going to argue with you about it in the middle of my parents’ party so maybe we should just discuss the weather for now?”

“It’s Ireland – it’s been raining.”

He watched as the corners of her moist lips quirked, “O-kay – that was a short conversation. So what do you want to try next; the economy? Politics? I’m open to suggestion…”

“Picking a topic kinda suggests I want to make small talk, doesn’t it?”

She cocked her head to one side, a curl of dark blonde hair bobbing against the tip of one breast, “Still hate these parties then I take it?”

“Depends who I get to talk to at them.”

“Yes – I missed you too Gabe.”

See? Talked to her didn't I? Never let it be said I don't know how to behave at a party - even if it's not the kind of party I prefer. Bad Boy behaviour - I think not. My character has been seriously maligned on this blog if you ask me. This next while we're gonna be setting the record straight. So pay attention.

Right - you tell me - what makes a bad boy these days? You make me a list and I'll tell you whether or not I tick the boxes. And while you're at it maybe you can tell me what's so all fired sexy about a bad boy that putting the words on the cover of a book sells it. Inquiring minds need to know. I'm just me. Most guys are.You help me with some of this stuff and I might answer a question or two to help you out with your men folk, be they real or imaginary, how's that? Just call me Uncle Gabe.

Blondie says I'm s'posed to tell you she's over at some place called Totes, Bags and Blogs - wherever or whatever that may be. Talking about men. Surprise surprise. One track mind that woman.

So ladies... I'm all yours... Wanna know what blondie got wrong about me? Wanna know what I had to get her to change to make those lovely, lovely - incredibly tempting ladies in the offices in London go for me? Wanna know what a Modern Heat guy is? Bring it on... Like I said - I'm all yours...


limecello said...

Haha - fun post. :X Can't think b/c of finals - but the pic - "Gabe" is just so young -and superman! LOL. Sorry - I can't separate the two out.

Ally Blake said...

Oh my.

Well (fanning herself) hi Gabe. Um, I just wanted to say you can take over the blonde's blog as long as you like, ok? It's fine by me...


Michelle Styles said...

LOL. Very cute. I am impressed that you allow him to call you blondie. How many other men have gotten away with that and lived?

Aideen said...

Well hello Gabe!

Wow, you're a chatty kinda fella aren't ya? I have to say first that I completely agree with Ally, you really can take over from 'Blondie' for as long as you like. Just don't tell her I said that.

Now, I'm very, very interested to know what you had changed, what you felt was more 'you' when your story was being written.
And as an aspiring writer I'd pretty much like to hear every opinion you have on what it is that makes a Modern Heat Man.

I think from what I've read so far, you're very very being very very bad.