Sunday, May 11, 2008

Booksellers Best Award Finalist

I've booted Gabe - with a great deal of effort I might add - long enough to bring you my latest bit of AMAZING NEWS. I'm chuffed to bits to be able to tell you that my second Modern Heat book Breathless! is a finalist in the Short Contemporary category of the Greater Detroit Romance Writers of America's Booksellers Best Awards!!!

This contest is judged by Booksellers and Librarian's which makes it an extra special compliment cos these are the people who spend their lives placing books in the hands of readers - without them where would we authors be??? So a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who gave Breathless! their nod of approval and a MASSIVE CONGRATS to all my fellow Harlequin Romance Authors and friends Ally Blake, Donna Alward, Lucy Gordon, Claire Baxter and Michelle Douglas who finalled in the Traditional Category with their wonderful Harlequin Romances!!! The award is presented on the Thursday of Nationals in San Francisco so cross your fingers for everyone won't you???

And remember you guys helped me with this one so you get to take some of the credit!!! When I got stuck with my hero and needed a new pic for inspiration we did a poll here on the blog and you cast Colin Farrell to help me with Rory - remember?! SO THANK YOU TO YOU TOO!

Breathless! is of course out RIGHT NOW in the USA and Canada in the Presents line with the title Her Bedroom Surrender and here's a snippet of what both reviewers and readers have said about it when it did the rounds in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand last year....

Is simply fantastic! Trish Wylie’s
heroine, Cara, is funny, sassy and adorable while Rory is a simply divine! Trish Wylie blends hot sex, intense character development, laugh out loud moments and heartwarming romance into an unforgettable story so good that you’ll guzzle it down in a single sitting – and then wish you hadn’t! Sexy, funny and simply unputdownable, Trish Wylie’s Modern Romance Extras are books fans of Jennifer Crusie and Lori Foster should add to their lists. " Julie Bonello - Cataromance

"The banter between Rory and Cara is laugh out loud funny, but with a dramatic undercurrent signature of Wylie’s novels for the Romance line. This story packs an emotional punch by weaving tenderness and passion into searing love scenes that sizzle on the page. Sensual, fun, and incredibly sexy." Jenna Bayley-Burke - Modern Extra Author

"By the end of this book you will have shared a journey that changes Rory and Cara forever. They are both believable characters and it's sad when it's time to say goodbye to them. A truly emotional, sensual and fun read!" Sue aka MsCreativity - Romance Reviewed

"Self-help author Cara Sheehan realizes the irony when she can't seem to help herself after being dumped by her boyfriend. She hires a trainer to get her back into shape, but almost backs out when the gym's co-owner, Rory Flanaghan, who's home on a leave from his overseas job, decides to work with her. While attracted to Rory, Cara is afraid of being hurt, so she throws up defenses. Soon Cara realizes she's ready for a new relationship. But Rory's headed back overseas and doesn't want anything permanent. Or does he? ... an enjoyable tale of someone coming out of her shell and taking charge of her life. " Romantic Times

"Rory, I can’t say enough about this exquisite man, brawn, sensitive, funny, sexy, an Irish rogue who always takes responsibility……for his family for the men he commands, and for those he loves. You will absolutely fall in love with this Irish rogue who through determination and patience teaches Cara how to believe in herself and how to love. Her Bedroom Surrender gives hope and meaning to anyone who reads this incredible story and will have the reader smiling and weeping at the same time. Thank you Trish Wylie for this “breathless” love story, one I will personally long remember." Marilyn's Romance Reviews

So there you go - that's my VERY EXCITING news for today! What
a nice surprise waiting for me when I came home!!!

You see I'm just back from my first ever library talk in Lisburn - the town where I was born and went to school.
I did a presentation on Mills & Boon's 100 years as part of their readers day and had a write up in the local paper and was interviewed by a very lovely chap from the British Forces Broadcasting Services. All in all a very busy day and so so wonderful to meet so many lovely people who are as mad about reading as we all are. The town is no longer the town I left as it now has City status and not only was I BLOWN AWAY by the facilities available in this WONDERFUL LIBRARY but I was also there on the day the Lord Mayor had his parade - it was like MARDI GRAS. A HUGE HUGE thank you to all the staff, particularly Kevin who organized the day and to all the people who made a point of telling me they had enjoyed the talk and learned things they didn't know about Mills & Boon! I really had the BEST TIME.

I also got to catch up with some friends from High School and we all went out for dinner and a few drinkies. You realize the value of old friends when they're not only proud of your achievements but they treat you exactly the same as they did when you all spent every day in each others pockets - even if you haven't seen them in years and are the WORST
in the WORLD when it comes to calling or emailing them. I really am very blessed. So here's a couple of pics of us out on the town. You can kinda tell from these pics the mischief we used to get up to back in the day, can't you? I was of course, the innocent one...

Now I have a book to finish for - you know - TOMORROW. (insert manic laughter) Cos this week it's off to Lincoln to meet up with fellow authors Kate Walker, Natasha Oakley and Kate Hardy for the Literary Festival where we'll all be part of a Q&A Panel with Mills & Boon editor Suzy Clarke. And then home and a new book before I head off to America again.

All go round my way really ;)

YES GABE I'M GOING. He'll be back to answer questions in a few days apparently...

p.s. NO IDEA why I'm in bold print here but ahhhh the joys of Blogger...


Natasha Oakley said...

I cannot *believe* you took a photo of the board. vbg See, I'd have never done that.

Library talks are fun though, aren't they! And you look like you were all having a great time. Hate you for that - as I'm still trying to smack this sheikh into order for TOMORROW. How much sleep do you reckon we actually need??????????????

Jane said...

Congrats on "Breathless" being a finalist.

Michelle Styles said...

Hooray for you!!!!

BTW my dd has started jumping in her rding lessons. I am trying v hard not to be scared.

India said...

Great big congrats on the nomination, you clever girl! Hope you're going to have time to squeeze in a bit of red-carpet shopping before you go!