Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Talking about Writer's Block...

Yes, am gearing up to talking about the book from hell experience earlier this year. Having talked about Fairy Dust over at Totes (see last post) today I'm over at The Pink Heart Society giving you some of my solutions to Writer's Block. So if you're stuck or you feel the Crows Of Doubt circling or you're just about ready to throw in the towel - STOP - and GET THEE THERE!!!

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Aideen said...

Hey there Trish,

Caught your post on writers block, very informative and I loved your suggestions of possilbe solutions. I often find myself all geared up, my head being bombarded with so many different ideas that I'm sure I'm onto the 'one', the book that will start my career.
Then I sit at the desk, organise my biros, make sure the tea is hot, that I have a box of Silk cut purple ready and...nothing. Blank Page is my companion.
But I'm pretty sure that one of your solutions might just in fact be the 'solution' I've been looking for.
So again, thanks for sharing.
I'm very glad that things are looking up for you, your books bring much joy and I'm sure you have a library of new ones just itching to escape your mind.