Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hi from the U.S. of A!!!

Nope, not dead. Having NIGHTMARE of a time with charging laptop thanks to brand new charger we invested in before we left home. It's taken three darn days to charge it up enough to do this so thats how much patience I've exerted because I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!

Highlights of trip so far:

  • New York - LOVE IT as much this time as I did last time!
  • Walked across Brooklyn Bridge in over 90 degrees and LIVED!!!
  • Took harbour cruise to see waterfalls!
  • San Diego hotel is LOVELY!
  • Did trolley car thingie tour of San Diego!
  • Walked around Old Town in San Diego complete with cowboys, indians and saloons!
  • COMIC CON!!! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G- 140,000 people in one place and a MUCH BIGGER DEAL than I'd thought it would be to the city (more visitors than for the Superbowl I'm informed!!! City has to rearrange itself around it!)
  • Current hero inspiration David Boreanaz is GORGEOUS in the flesh and really really funny!
  • Family Guy team freakin HILARIOUS
  • Trish has major blisters and small case of sunburn...
And that's just a little taster!!! Now lets see if I can get you some pics to go with all that...

Back later but meanwhile top left we have Stargate SG1 crew..

Middle right the lovely David from Bones panel.... YUM!

And bottom left Joe Flanigan from Stargate Atlantis...

BOTH Male on Mondays from the PHS one might add...


Donna Alward said...


Where's the pic of the Bamber, huh????

And DB is also MY current hero inspiration!!! I swear we were separated at birth.



Natasha Oakley said...

Try and sound like you'd rather be at home! Just got seriously rained on here btw.

Michelle Styles said...

SanDiego's Old Town is fantastic fun.
Are you driving or flying up to SF?

Sue said...

Trouble re-charging??? I think not... I think that you fried the circuits on your laptop drooling over those photos!
I'm just wondering how to persuade my other half that attendance next year would be good for both of us!
Have a ball...

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

Are there any piccies of you being a major fan girl and hugging them?

See, I need to go with you the next time...