Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Millionaire's Proposal

Yes I'm finally back from the States. An eventful trip this year one way or another. And naturally I'm now jet-lagged, riddled with an American cold/cough that the airplane helped incubate and so behind with work that it's not even funny...

So while I battle my way through the mountain so that I can clear the decks enough to bring you the gazillion pics I have and some tales from my travels, I'll leave you with a few of the reviews that have been coming in for my September Romance The Millionaire's Proposal and then I'll come back in a few and tell you about the Modern Heat competition I'll be blogging for over at the Iheart Presents blog.

"I’d somehow missed the fact that The Millionaire’s Proposal was a Harlequin Romance, and as I unpacked the book I found myself groaning inwardly. Yes, I was prejudiced and wasn’t expecting much. Imagine then my surprise when I found myself totally blown away by the book–not only enjoying it, but actually giggling and sighing as I read! Harlequin Romances have come a long way since I was first introduced to them 15 years ago!" Armchair Interviews

"Trish Wylie takes the reader on a glorious worldwide trip to exotic and classic locations, from New York City to Fiji to Paris, while at the same time giving the reader a glance into the most intimate places of the heart --- an ability to feel wonder, a vulnerability, an innocence together with a powerful attraction. The dramatic conclusion makes this a romance whose insight into love will resonate with anyone who has loved or hopes to love deeply." Merrimon Reviews

"Kerry and Ronan are perfect for each other and I fell in love with these two characters right from the beginning of the story. Bravo to Ms. Wylie for writing a romance that not only has two wonderful characters but also beautiful settings and an ending that will leave you breathless. I truly enjoyed this book and I know that it is one that I can read again and again. The Millionaire’s Proposal is a romance to treasure! " Simply Romance Reviews

"A chance meeting on an airplane with travel writer Ronan O'Keefe radically changes hotelier Kerry Doyle's plans for her three-month dream vacation -- but definitely for the better. Seeing familiar locales through Kerry's eyes is a wonderful experience for Ronan too -- and he'll get another book out of it, eventually. But even though their flirtation soon becomes something much more powerful, Ronan refuses to have a holiday fling with Kerry, because he thinks she deserves a happy ending that he can't give her. Trish Wylie's The Millionaire's Proposal (4.5) is fresh, amusing and charming, and it has a solid core of emotional truth too. A keeper." Romantic Times


Aideen said...

Hey Trish,

Welcome back. I see you didn't bring any of the good weather with you...holding out for September, its usually glorious when the boys have to go back to school.

The Millionaire's Proposal sounds wonderful and the comments are more than favourable. I'm particularly interested the ending that will leave me 'breathless'.
Congrats on another winner.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts/opinions on the Mod Heat comp.


Trish Wylie said...

Thanks Aideen! And yeah am really chuffed with the reviews so far. Fingers crossed the readers like it as much ;)