Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kick Starting Muses for 2009

I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday! I'm taking some much needed time off. I'm reading, spending time with my horse, watching Movies, playing with my new WII (Spyro the Dragon sucks hours of your life away before you notice btw) and generally I've been lazing about in a way I haven't in... erm... yeah, anyhoo...

As the New Year approaches I've been doing what everyone does and looking back on the year we're coming out of. It's been a bumpy one all told. It had it's high points but MAN were the low points low. So I'm done with 2008 and now I'm looking forwards to 2009. And the first thing 2009 means for me? Yes, you've guessed it. It's new book time. Now the plan was to have an idea already passed by my lovely ed at this point so I could jump straight in. Naturally, it still being 2008 it didn't work out that way. So I've been thinking about what to write. And this pic?

You know where I'm going here, right?

My friends. There's nothing in there. At all. Nada, zip, zilch, not a thing. Okay that's a lie. There's plenty of ideas in there but none of them are suitable for what I'm SUPPOSED to write. So, while I'm on hols and while some of you lovely guys might be browsing the internet to escape your family or to wile away a few hours between large meals, I thought - I know! - I'll ask YOU for help. And maybe it'll kick start my muse into something wonderful.

So here's my idea. It's a Modern Heat. And what would be really helpful would be if you could leave me a word or a name or a hero or heroine pic link or a favourite theme - something short but sweet. Then I'll write them down, do a draw out of a hat, and see if I can come up with a plot from whatever fate hands me...

Kinda like a pick and mix for my muse. Maybe if there were enough ideas we could keep them here or I could make a page on my website and then we could all pick and mix to see what we came up with? Then it would be helpful for lots of people and who knows how many stories we might end up with :) Anyone? I can beg if you need me to...


Janet said...

Tiny spark of an idea #1

Witty, life-and-soul-of-the-party heroine runs humour workshops (see: )

Janet said...

Tiny spark of an idea #2

h is part of a team of female private investigators hired to discover whether specific men have the willpower to resist advances from the opposite sex.

Her assignment is to use a combination of cheek and charm to infiltrate a party/function (hotel, pub, gym, office, boys' weekend...)that she knows her 'suspect' will be attending alone.

Goal to engage him in conversation and see how far he's prepared to go.

Michelle Styles said...

Perfume -- development of. Did you know that each perfume recipe is a secret?

Or try Edward Norton +Breil Milano Watches. But you need to see the shoot.
Charlize Theron is his female counterpart.

Napier John said...

Always fun to have heroine forced to do something she hates. Exercise is a good one... :)

Anonymous said...

As a newbie I did some research on popular themes and came up with this ref from Romantic Times -

My favourite? Summer Holiday romance. Sun, heat, beach, sultry nights under the moonlight... a total dreamy hunk you THINK you will never see again...and will probably forget you before the suntan fades - only,,,
well you get the idea.

Now where would YOU take it girl?

So pleased you are taking time out to relax. :-)

Nina in Ohio said...


I love stories where the hero has a perception of the heroine and then is smacked in the face with a completely different facet of her. For example, a girl with a sterotypically male job (construction, cop, landscaper,etc) who shows up at a glam party in a sexy dress.

Or the executive who likes his legal counsel's smarts but thinks she is dowdy and when her friend sends her to "What Not to Wear" and she gets a fashion makeover, he sees her in a new light. (I love that show on TLC - it shows how you can be the best you - without plastic surgery)

sexy meet - the heroine is all business - she's seems uptight and imagine her boss' surprise when he gets a sexy text message from her - and her dismay when she realizes that she's accidentally sent her suggestions for a sexy weekend meant for her sister to her boss!

I like strong heroines that speak their minds like Merrow in His Mistress, His Terms - great story!
For ideas, check out some How We Met stories -

Janet said...

Rayanne, thank you for posting that link to RT popular themes poll--very interesting reading. You always come up with such fascinating stuff.
Do you happen to know what the numbers by each theme mean? Or why they start at #144.

Trenda said...


I sent you an email rather than posting pix here. No clue how to do that!


Michelle Styles said...

Ray -Anne
The numbers such as 144 refer to the issue that the theme was discussed. It appears to have been a regularly recurring series.
But it is an interesting and intriguing resource.

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

when is it s'posed to come out? because I've been snowed in and think a snowed in story would work...but michelle's perfume idea sounds good to me...

but then I do like a chef hero...oh! what about a self-help guy selling his lifestyle book and the slob journalist trying to discredit him?

Donna Alward said...

I think since you're planning a trip you should do a vacation fling. Hot, sultry, exotic.

daisy said...

How about a modern re-telling of a classic fairytale? Like Cinderella, or Beauty and the Beast...?!!!
Happy new year love, this year will be better and brighter. Looking forward to seeing you at some stage - come down to Dublin for a night of carousing and chatting?!!
x Daisy

Janet said...

Hot, sultry, exotic.

Yes, that sounds good. And if you use your vacation setting and keep your characters there, you won't need to do lots and lots of geographical research.

So, where are you going? :)