Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

A friend sent me this...

*note to self: socialize more in 2009 and extend circle of friends...*

So I've almost finished updating my website, I've gotten three great RT Reviews in a row and I've finished my first ever short story for serialization as a free read on EHarlequin in the new year. Have I finally left the gremlins behind me? MAN I HOPE SO!!!

On the subject of His Mistress, His Terms (out this month), RT said:

"To keep his latest project on track, architect Alex Fitzgerald's rock star client wants interior designer Merrow O'Connell as part of the team. She keeps putting Alex off, so he decides to deal with the matter in person. The two are shocked to recognize each other. They spent an incredible night together but never asked for names. Now they know! It isn't long before they give in to passion and Alex realizes he wants a girlfriend, but Merrow professes that just having fun is enough. Is it? Trish Wylie's His Mistress, His Terms (4) starts as a fun,
sexy romp and turns into a sensual love story. There's humor, flirty banter, oodles of passion and terrific secondary characters, which make for an entertaining read." Sandra Garcia-Myers - Romantic Times

As Gabe makes his way to the States in Claimed By The Rogue Billionaire (online now and out in January) they said:

"Claimed By The Rogue Billionaire (4.5) by Trish Wylie: Growing up together on the Fitzgerald estate, Ashling Fitzgerald and housekeeper's son Gabriel Burke were quite close until she was 17 and he was in his early 20s. Then a hurtful and humiliating incident sent Ashling running away to France. Eight years later, she's home in Ireland, and once more her life is entwined with her now-nemesis, Gabriel. Although their constant bickering and sparring says one thing, their intense attraction says something else entirely. Can they finally open their hearts to each other? This is a terrific story about letting go of the past and embracing the future. The emotionally rich journey is saturated with passion and sensuality." Sandra Garcia-Myers - Romantic Times

And last but not least we have Manhattan Boss, Diamond Proposal (out in February, and the first book I really struggled with in 2008 I hasten to add...) of which they said:

"MANHATTAN BOSS, DIAMOND PROPOSAL (4.5) by Trish Wylie: Left at the altar, Clare O'Connor turned to the best man, club owner Quinn Cassidy, for help. Quinn made her his personal assistant and rented her his basement apartment, and Clare's grateful for everything. But now she's having some success as a matchmaker and is considering going into business. So Quinn makes her a wager: If Clare finds him a woman who lasts longer than his norm of six weeks, he'll help make it happen. Clare's in, but suddenly she's seeing Quinn in a new light, and it's clearly mutual. But can she overcome the past? Excellent characters, sparkling banter and touches of genuine emotion add up to a winner -- and Quinn's a keeper." Catherine Witmer - Romantic Times

So the year started well, and has ended on a high note. I just want to wish all my friends and readers a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

And here's to 2009 - May it bring a world of dreams and possibilities our way!!!


Aideen said...

Fantastic reviews Trish, well done because you deserve every one of them. You're well shot of those gremlins and even on the days you feel them rear their ugly heads remember this; you bring tremendous joy to us readers, not to mention the pleasure of falling in love with every hero you create. So bearing that in mind, keep up the fab work.
Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas & all the best for 2009.

Hugs from Cork,

Janet said...

What great reviews! RT really like your books. They nearly always give you a 4 or a 4.5.
I love the cover of the Feb 2009 one--the Manhattan Boss..

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

Jeff's family actually cancelled Christmas (we're snowed in) I'm gonna pass that graphic along...

and kudos on teh reviews!