Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Place For My Friends

As part of my list of things I'm trying in 2009 I've put together what I call a Friends Forum, where we can all get together and chat about anything and everything and you can all talk amongst yourselves when I get buried in the deadline cave and the Blog gets quiet...

I'm still building it, but my dream would be that it's a fun place for everyone - sorta like coming to visit at my house ;) So if you wanna talk books or writing or TV Shows or DVD's or trips you're planning on taking or recipes or life in general then I really hope you'll sign up and get the ball rolling. It's gonna be pretty lonely in there without you, put it that way.

If it takes off then I hope to have writer friends pop in to act as hosts, I'll run workshops in there from time to time, you can talk freely to fellow unpublished writer's about how you're getting along. We can also swap hero and heroine pics or recommend reads or music to each other - you know the kind of thing. It's also where I'll be posting my newsletter from now on and the first place I'll announce any competitions I have coming up.

So if you wanna give me a hand making it comfy and getting it going please sign up and let's see what we can do with it... And if you have any ideas for it please yell!

You can sign up HERE.

Meanwhile... we're still awaiting word on the pitch... and I'm off to Liverpool with my neice to check out a potential University before the end of the week. I wonder if it's any warmer there than it is here.... Minus seven last night - BRRRR!!!


Nina in Ohio said...

Trish -

Hope you get good news on your pitch. I would love to see what you wrote to have an example (I'm assuming it's not as long as a synopsis).

Have fun with your niece checking out the university - I know that experience as my eldest is in her first year at college in the US. We visited about 8-10 schools and she picked a small private college and absolutely loves it!

I'm midway through Claimed by the Rouge Billionaire and Love it! Gabe is so delicious!

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for approval now. Can't wait to be a part of it.

And have fun at the University.

Lyn Cash said...

best on the pitch, kiddo.

ugh on the temperatures - sounds like ours - lol. I love it here, but the darned winters can get brutal.

oh, and happy year. :) I'm a tad late.

sunny lyn

Trish Wylie said...

Erm... Nina... not as long as a synopsis... Have you *met* me? Read my... 'short'... blogs? Is a synopsis more than four pages these days? ;) I'll see what I can do about posting it but it might not be what you expect. Still, guess it would show how me and my lovely ed work together wouldn't it?
SO GLAD you're enjoying Gabe - isn't he YUM!!!

All approved Mel my sweet! It's fun in there already :) Now if I could just get my damn internet to cooperate on anything resembling a reliable level I'd be a very happy bunny...

SUNNY!!!!!!!!!! *Squoodges Lyn is a really tight hug* HAPPY NEW YEAR darling!!! I was just thinking about you guys the other day when my roomie for this years con was talking about things to do and people to meet. Save me a seat in the club won't you? ;)