Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Usual Chaos & Book Giveaways

As regular visitors/friends/family who haven't seen me in months might have guessed, my latest WIP has been taking a little longer than planned. Lest you think I've forgotten about the craft blog I promised, I thought I'd stick my head over the parapet and say no, I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN. However, until this latest Brannigan brother is kicked into shape, I have to be a good girl and write. The first one of you to remind me there's another brother after this one will have very hot ears.

Just sayin

Anyhoos, since this is the UK release month for my favorite book evah, I also thought I'd give you a little heads up on how you can get your hands on some FREE! signed copies. If you're one of my Tweeps on Twitter or a friend on Facebook all you have to do is Re-Tweet or Share the Giveaway message by the 14th of this month to be in with a chance of winning one of two copies. If you're not one of my Tweeps/Facebook Friends and you're on Twitter or Facebook... I think I'm an ikkle bit hurt...

If you're on Goodreads there will also (if I've done it right) be a giveaway of two books which runs until the end of the month. And last but by no means least if you keep your eyes peeled (and are as naturally inquisitive as I am about through-the-keyhole type stuff) there'll be one more when I Blog my office pics at the Pink Heart Society on the 21st.

So there you go!

Hope everyone is fabulously well and reading/writing lots. If Tyler behaves in the next few days I'll work on that craft Blog and bring you some behind the scenes info/extended Jo Blogs from New York's Finest Rebel.


P.S. Send chocolate.